Is it just me?

In November I went for my smear and the results showed low grade dyskaryosis and positive for hpv. I attended the colposcopy clinic and they took some biopsy and was reassured they believed it was Cin1 at worst. I went on to have the worst period heavy long and painful. I then received a letter thanking me for attending and that at most they believed it was cin1. Brilliant. A few days later I received another letter telling me it was in fact cin2 and I needed a lletz procedure 2 weeks later. I attended and they were unable to do it because there was more than they thought and I needed to have it under general anesthetic.

Meanwhile my gp was sending me for tests for ovarian cancer due to other symptoms. 

A few weeks later I went to get my lletz done and I was bleeding (not my period I've had lots of issues) they told me it's no problem 1 in 4 women are having a period when getting their lettz (not that it made me feel any more comfortable  that's for sure). Anyway after I come round from the procedure the surgeon told me they are not sure if they got it all because my bleeding was so heavy already and they believed they had courtourised the bleeding from the procedure but couldn't be sure, but like with anyone else they will send results in the post. The next few days saw me have the worst period/bleeding of my lift. I felt like death and I was sore inside and cramping too. Blood was pouring from my body. Roll on nearly 4 weeks I'm still bleeding albeit not like before and I received my results. It was "High grade pre cancerous cin 3" which the "believe shows no evidence of invasive cancer". They want me back in 6 months.

I'm not sure if I'm just reading too much into the entire thing but I don't understand how I get from cin1 to high grade pre cancerous cin 3 in 3 months also it felt abit vague saying they belive its not invasive. 

Has anyone else ever been through this or something similar and also anyone suffered symptoms of ovarian cancer and the investigation for it while going through these things too.

Apologies for the length of this and thank you if you read this far