Is it? Isn't it?

Not sure if this is the correct forum but I'll start here anyway.


Suffered post coital bleeding in March and assumed my period was about to start (I had a coil in place at the time but I've always spotted at that time of the month with it in).  Tried again a couple of weeks later and the same thing happened. Visited my GP and they thought that my coil was very low (possibly snagging) so they took it out, doing an internal scan at the same time (which they said was fine other than a polyps or two). Left things for a short while to recover but again, some bleeding after sex - and sex was uncomfortable. GP referred me to a specialist as I was worried (but followed 2 days later by a very heavy period). The consultant took some fairly in depth samples (right into my womb - ouch) and I'm waiting for results. I asked at each visit for a smear test but they won't do it as I'm 3 months away from my next scheduled one. Crazy.


Now I have some jelly like discharge and lower back pain. They've tested for an infection but it's come back clear. So now I'm really worried that the combination of back pain, discharge and a general feeling of discomfort down there is CC. No bleeding since the period after I had my coil removed but I've avoided sex. The GP and consultant didn't seem at all concerned about CC and have pretty much discounted it. Am I worrying over nothing? It can't be an STI and I'm certainly not pregnent. Any feedback gratefully received please.