Is it back?

Hi lovely ladies,


So I'm a little concerned I'm nearly 2 years post diagnosis and simple trachelectomy, I've had regular 6 monthly check ups last one being in November and now have been put onto Yearly check ups, and glad to say all have been fine and I've been getting on with life!  I had to have a op in December so had to come off my pill 6 weeks prior to this, whilst off the pill I was going away for a weekend when I due to have my period and took northiesterone tablets to delay my period, decided back in January to go back on the pill as it was safe to do so after my surgery, started back on it as i was supposed to on the first day of my period and well had my period as normal however it was a bit heavier than normal.

A few days after I started spitting thought nothing of it but it continued and continued so I decided that it may just be my cycle getting back into sync and that I would carry straight onto my next pack of pills without a break which I've fine before with no problems... And I'm still bleeding but too much information about to come up.....

it ranges from brown old like looking blood, to bright red, to pink to even an orangey colour And more so in the day than at night.

i decided it was best to go to the doctors and she said because of my cc history she would do an urgent referral straight back to the consultant I'm under, my appt is for next week... However I have increased lower back pain at the moment which I suffered with years ago but it's getting worse! And. More too much info coming up... The smell is awful and it's also like I'm leaking fluid or urine? too I'm changing from sanitary towels to tampons  and vice versa but having to change more frequently due to the smell :(  sorry Ladies.  Ive also this morning had some skin like clot appear? 

someone please tell me I'm not going crazy Thinking The cc is back?


im hoping it may just be an Infection? I've started back swimming and about twice - three times a week could I have got an infection from the pool, I generally feel knackered and this lower back pain doesn't seem to help either!

Glad to see so many girls still fighting this and all the newcomers welcomed so warmly as usual! Xx

Hi Sarah, 

You poor thing, you must be going out of your mind! 

I think you've done exactly the right thing in going straight to the doctor and your doctor has done exactly the right thing in getting you referred urgently. This does not mean that this all means the cancer is back, but as your doctor said, it's just the sensible thing to do, given your history. 

What you describe does sound similar to the symptoms you'd get with an infection. Also, the bleeding and the back pain make me think your body is just reacting to all the fiddling about with your cycle. The combination of on the pill, off the pill, Noreshisterone and on the pill again, means your body probably doesn't quite know where it is! :-) This could explain your back pain as well. 

I know it's so hard not to worry - I think we all think a lot about recurrence and considering what we've been through, I don't think that's surprising. I'll admit an embarrassing fact - yesterday I had a slight pain in my chest and literally my first thought was 'They've missed a bit, it's in my lymphatic system and now it's in my lungs and I'm going to die.' Then I remembered that my daughter had accidentally kicked a football into my chest and I realised that that was by far the more likely explanation. Embarassed This does not mean that I don't think you should get these things checked out - clearly it's important and sensible that you do, but what I mean is that I don't think you are at all unusual in fearing the worst; we all do it - but try to think of the appointment this week as something that has to be done in order to set your mind at rest, rather than anything else. 

I'll be thinking of you. Let us know how you get on. 

Annabel. x


Hi Annabel,

Thanks so much for your reply, I’m thinking too that its just an infection, the back pain I’m suffering I had years ago, and a Physio I’m seeing at the moment doesn’t seem to concerned by it and thinks its just muscular So im hoping its just my brain going into over drive and that its not back… But until the appointment tomorrow is over with I guess I’ll have it niggling away at me! Thing is I’ve never had that one tablet that post phones out period before, but have stopped and restarted the pill before… I’ll wait and see what they say tomorrow and you a heads up after.

Thanks so much for your post though xx

So I had my appointment and the consultant was very reluctant to think its nothing more than the pill! And that i should have stopped it snd had my break and thats why i keep bleeding, and thst i maybe needed to have two tablets or even 3 a day to keep my bleeding at bsy snd that its just my hofmone levels playing up. !To the point she said if I had the right info in the referral from the doctor I would not have needed an appointment! But seeing as I was there she might as well take a look.  So she did and just said it all looked fine but I have done warty looking lesions but that she can't do a hpv test until I'm due back in October as the trust won't allow it,  and that she doesn't need to do it in my case but she might as well??? What's that supposed to mean!

So still none the wiser really, and now I'm concerned about these warty lesions, but she just said it was quite common and that she would keep an eye on them! :(

Hi Sarah, 

Well that sounds like one of those really annoying appointments where you come out feeling really irritated and dissatisfied. Those kinds of appointments seem to happen to women on this site far too often, in my opinion! Did she even consider biopsying the lesions? I'm assuming she knows your history? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I think there's any reason to panic, or that these lesions are cancer-related, but I just find it odd that she wouldn't think of biopsying them as a type of elimination process. For example, I saw my consultant a few weeks ago. He removed some excess scar tissue from the top of my vagina (ouch!) and then sent it off to pathology to check for cancer. He didn't do this because he thought it would come back cancerous - in fact he didn't think for a minute that that would be the case, but given my history, it would be sloppy practice to just chuck it in the bin. I would go and talk to your GP about it if you're not happy with how this was dealt with. 

As for HPV, this really is quite irrelevant at this stage and local trusts really are starting to pay far too much attention to it. It's not helpful because it makes people think that HPV is the issue when it isn't - it's the inability to clear it naturally that's the issue. The reason the consultant said that about the trust is because different trusts have different rules about HPV testing, and some trusts don't test for it at all. HPV testing in your case is pointless and will tell them absolutely nothing about your likelihood of recurrence. You've already had cancer - you had adenocarcinoma, so we know you had HPV at that point. Current thinking in medical science is that the medical intervention you've had for your cancer will have triggered the immune response your body should have automatically triggered when you contracted HPV, meaning that you'll now be clear of it and immune to that strain. Recurrence of cervical cancer is not to do with whether or not you've still got HPV - it's to do with whether or not any cancer cells remained in your body (for example, if one broke off pre-biopsy and floated off somewhere which, given the stage you were, is extremely unlikely). 

The thing is, the consultant is probably correct that this is your hormones etc... because of the pill etc... but that doesn't mean she shouldn't have been more thorough and taken your history into account. 

What do you think you'd like to do next? Are you happy to leave this six months? Do you want to see if your symptoms settle down before doing anything else? Or would you like to do something else now?

Annabel. x

Hi annabel, 


thanks again for your quick reply.. My spelling in the last post was terrible.. Sorry Was replying on iPhone which has mind of its own. 

The consultant that I seem is the one that's bed. Dealing with me all along and so knows my history very well, so I do trust her to a point, however I did find out recently that my smear a few years back showed moderate precancerous cells that was reported as normal, therefore the consultant and hospital should be getting a letter from my solicitors shortly stating I feel I have recieved clinical negligence!! 


Anyways going back to the point she did say it was quite normal after my surgery, which she herself performed so I think I'm gonna give it a month for my periods/ bleeding to settle, wait until June when they do the hpv screening and ask for another check up the , I'm not happy to wait until October if there is something wrong. 


Really appreciate you reading my posts and replying xxx