Is it back... Can't stop thinking!

Hi ladies, it's been a while since I've been on here, so I will give you a quick over view, always had clear smears back in 2011 smear had high grade dyskarosis sent straight to colposcopy where I had LLETZ and biopsy, resulted In stage 1b I had a simple trachelectomy and 3-6 monthly follow ups , however I've over the last year had again post coitol bleeding, I've had smears and check jos and they say everything is fine and that it's just my cervix recovering from anything, so it's going to be three years in July since I had my surgery so you would have thought things would be back to normal, by now. My last appointment was in oct/nov and was primarily just to test for HPV, which I thought was odd because either way I've already had the cancer but had it removed and smears all clear so why test for the HPV? me and my partner have been together nearly 10 years and sice my diagnosis always used condoms, so either way the result wouldn't mean much, anyways the result was negative and I didn't have any form of HPV, however my last smear actually showed borderline changes! So how come if I don't have HPV? Arghhh so confused! 
My issues are why has it suddenly changed? I'm technically not at risk if my HPV is negative, and we always use condoms, and I've had previous surgery and LLETZ to remove everything. I'm not due another smear until April, but beginning to question this as previously stated I went from clear smears to high grade, now it actually turns out a smear in 2007 was reported as negative when in actual fact after re testing it was moderate dsykarosis and the hospital and lab have all agreed that if the smear was reported properly I should have had either colposcopy, biopsy and possible LLETZ and this would have either resulted in the cancer being found earlier or treated before it even got to cancer, which maddens me just a little, anyways my point being that at the time of 2007 when it was apparently "normal" I was getting post coitol bleeding a lot of the time I was referred to see a gynaecologist who just put it down to either bring on the pill or having a tender cervix, at no point was I informed it could be a sign of cervical cancer, so now that I now still have the occasional bleeding after sex and now have borderline changes am I right for being concerned that it may be back again?  
Should I demand that I get seen sooner than April again? It's constantly on my mind and the fact that I'm dealing with the trust and hospital admitting it was missed and waiting for a report from a fertility expert to see how much my fertility has been affected by having technically surgery I didn't need if someone had read my smear properly all those years ago! 
I don't want to be insensitive to anyone , but I'm mad that I had cancer and it should have been prevented and to finally have an admission and possible financial gain for future pregnancies and to secure the life I should have had will hopefully bring closure, but if it's back I don't know how I'm going to cope! 

I'd go back and ask them to do it again. Shy bairns get nowt my mother in law says! Explain how worried you are and why. Do you have a McMillan or specialist nurse contact? They have been a big help to me. Good luck and best wishes x

Thanks Hun, I've spoken to my GP who suggests I get back in contact with the consultant, spoke to the colposcopy department today who says just to drop my consultant an email, and she'll be happy to go through it all with me, so watch this space I guess. 


Thanks so much for the reply xx

So the reply from my consultant was...

Hi Sarah - Hpv neg is reassuring - a smear can be repeated in 6 months which otherwise would have been done in 1yr.
Urinary symptoms do not seem to be related to trachelectomy .