Is it back? (Babies mentioned)

I had a trachelectomy and lymph node removal last year for 2 tumour- clear margins and no lymph node spread.

Last month I celebrated my 1 year cancer free- on Friday I got the results of my last smear- cin1 :(


I'm utterly terrified!

I'd missed smears before so I never actually went through all the cin stages- just cin3 & cc.


I spoke to my Macmillan nurse but to be honest I'm getting sick of being told "not to worry" in a soothing tone- I just want honest answers!


In June we were given the all clear to try for a baby (which I am desperate for) so far we've gotten nowhere :(


I don't really understand what cin1 means, specifically what it means after cc.

A year seems like a short time to go from "cancer free" to potentially pre-cancerous cells?

I was told "it could clear up on it's own" but what is the likelihood of that in someone whom it has previously developed into cc?


How is cin1, and any potential treatment, likely to affect my chances of pregnancy? 

Can it develop very quickly because I've already had cc?



I feel like I could beat anything- just as long as I get to have a baby first, but there seems to be so few post-trachelectomy success stories :(


Feeling very lost & alone :(


And now the hospital have called to book me in for an appointment! 

Terrified- it feels exactly like before the same old "we don't know anything that's why you have to come in 'for a chat'" rubbish :(

So sorry you going through this, after all you been through before! Wish I could say something to help, just to say I'm hoping for the best for you that please God you get your chance at having a baby!!!! I'm having my follow up appointment after having radical hysterectomy, 3 weeks post op this Wednesday, & still don't feel like it's all over yet!

Just reading through posts from past few weeks. Can't offer any advice, just wanted to send my love and good wishes xxx