Is it all starting again?

Hi everyone,

I hope one of you lovely ladies can help me.

December 2003 I had LLETZ treatment for CIN III. I had 6 monthly smears and then annual smears up to 2009 all of which came back normal/clear. I was then popped back onto 3 yearly smears and my smear in 2012 was again normal/clear.

Although I wasn't due my next smear until January 2015, I decided to go recently. No reason, apart from getting it out of the way before Christmas.

I called my GP today and the result is in: Mild Dyskaryosis and I need to go back for another smear in 6 months time.

I'm now really anxious that this is all starting again Frown. I though I had finally got rid of the dread I experience when waiting for smear results and I'm now back in the waiting game.

Can anyone offer me any advice?

Much love