is high grade dyskaryosis and abnormal the same thing?

 Hi all.....I am hoping you may be able to help as I'm in panic mode


I had a routine smear and have had a letter saying that it was abnormal as I have high grade dyskaryosis....I need to go for a colpscopy


I'm really worried.... Does high level dyskaryosis mean it's abnormal cells but not cancer? Or could it still be cancer? 


How successful is treatment at dealing with these cells? 


I'm a single Mum of two, I have no family around....I'm all my little girls have I'm their world and I'm so worried 


Thanks in advance 



Hi Claire, 


I had my first smear test a couple of weeks back and my result came back the same as yours, high grade dyskaryosis. 


I had my colposcopy yesterday and the doctor said I needed LLETZ treatment. He did it there and then under local anaesthetic and sent the abnormal cells for a biopsy, which he said will take around 3 weeks. 


I think that they send the cells, if they need to remove them, for a biopsy to be safe but the doctor told me that around 90-95% of women who have the treatment fully recover and there will be no further progression. 


Try not to worry, I know that feeling of panic very well but they have caught them early and will act quickly if you do need treatment. 


I hope this helps slightly. 


Natasha x

Thanks Natasha.... I really appreciate your response.... I hope your biopsy results come back ok love xx 


I had this hun and had the lletz treatment (30th October) results came back as high grade abnormal cells but no cancer. I have to go for another colposcopy again in 6 months to check and for a repeat smear. I was told at the colposcopy appointment that sometimes high grade dyskaryosis can already have turned to cancer but it is unlikely.  Try not to worry, easier said than done, I know I was terrified. Normally they will do the treatment there and then to sort the problem x