is CIN3 considered cancer? I've had a hysterectomy.

I’ve read recently that CIN 3 is actually cancer stage 0 and then I’ve also read that it is not… It’s been 3 weeks tomorrow since my hysterectomy. I don’t see any forums for those who have had a hysterectomy. Not a pleasant time… Wasn’t quite expecting as much pain. Anyone else who can relate?

Hi Wen,

Cancer stage 0 is not cancer. CIN is not cancer. Are you the same Wen who used to be Wenspics with a poodle avatar? Weren't you really keen to have a hysterectomy because you were sick of all these colposcopies for CIN? I've had a hysterectomy, as have many others, no, it's not a bundle of fun, neither is chemotherapy nor radiotherapy. Not really sure what you're asking here. There's a website called hystersisters if you're looking to talk about hysterectomies and not cervical cancer.

Hope that helps

Be lucky :-)