Evening all,

I posted on here over a year ago after I’d had my first smear test and my results were HPV+ and CIN 1.

A year later I had my next smear test which came back as everything was clear (no HPV or abnormal cells) however I was skepitcal given that I still had post-coital bleeding weekly. I went back to my GP and after another copolscoy my results confirmed that my smear test did in fact miss the CIN 1 and it’s still remained. However my letter states that the cells are ‘pre cancerous’. 

i can’t find anywhere online whether all CIN is pre cancerous or not? I thought my previous doctor told me that not all CIN was pre cancerous and now I’m more confused than ever! 

Another year wait for another smear test now and more praying that it doesn’t develop into CIN2/3. 

Any help would be much appreciated :)

Hope x


I found page 25+ useful

I was told by the nurse at my treatment appointment that the test for HPV will carry more weight going forwards as smears like other screening tests are not 100% conclusive.  CIN is mild cell changes with low potential to develop into something cancerous and usually goes away without treatment which is why only CIN 2/3 are treated. I think you should call the colposcopy unit at your local hospital and arrange a call with a senior nurse so they can handle these questions. Sadly GPs and practise nurses don't seem to be that great at explaining things.

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