Is cin 1 the same thing as borderline changes?

Hi i wonder if someone can help me out, i'm feeling a little scared and frustrated. 

In Feb 2017, i was told i had cin3 and cervical cancer 1a1. Since then i have had polyps on my cervix and Vain3 this year two colproscopy check ups one in April the other in Oct. Both showed borderline changes.... I believe they have decided to wait a year to do the next check up. 

I understand that a high percentage of women's bodies can clear up by themselves, but due to my past history i feel a little anxious to have to wait a whole year! 

Is there anyone else out there in a similar boat to me? Should i try and get a actual appointment with a doc to get some peace of mind, its all so confusing as at one point they discussed with me a hysterectomy. 


Mel x

Hi, I understand how frightened you must be feeling. It’s an awful place to be. On the ‘British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology website, it says: ‘Smears are graded with differing degrees of abnormality from a non specific ‘borderline’ change to mild, moderate and severe changes called dyskaryosis and these roughly equate to CIN 1, 2 and 3‘.

So ‘borderline’ changes isn’t CIN, but the cells are just starting to change. 

It‘s still possible for them to revert to normal by themselves, but with your previous history, I would make an appointment and speak with your doctor, who can better explain the situation. Good luck.