Is CC a white lump?

Hi Everyone

I'm feeling pretty spooked this evening and hope you can help me.

I've had lower back pain which has progressively gotten worse by the day this week coupled with sort of periodlike but worse stomach cramps which have been going on about 2 weeks and hhave been also worsening. Today at work the back pain and stomach cramps were relentless as they came and went also like contractions and took my breath away. I thought I'd better check it out so managed to get a docs appointment at last minute. She did a pelvic exam and could see something white and thought my mirena coil had slipped down some how. That sounded like a good match to the cramps as both times I had a mirena fitted I had cervical spasms and it hurt like hell for ages after. She removed the coil and then said it actually wasn't the end of the coil it was something else white and hard.

She said to come back on 3rd as she is away for half term so she can investigate. Also did a pregancy test (negative). She said she wouldn't expect it to be hard if it were just a a nom? cyst and we would refer me after next appointment to gyno but after a week she would be able to see if it had gone. Also gave me gastro tabs/cramp tabs on prescripition to see if they deal with the pains I'm having.

Afterwards though your mind starts to focus on "lump". Googled to see if cervical cancer growths/tumours are white but can't find any info. Does anyone know?

Of course I've now seen all the other symptoms and its freaked me out (constipation yes, leg swelling yes, leaking urine occasionally but come with territory after 2 kids). Bleeding-wise as I'm on the mirena coil I've not had a period in 6.5 years so I've no idea if irregular/heavy etc, Ive had spotting though the last couple of months which I've never had before. If you have the coil would yous till get the symptomatic CC bleeding?

I'm doing my best not to jump to conclusions or over react but now I have a week to wait and my mind is racing. I have two young children and C has always frightened me. I have 2 female cousins on mum's side in their 20s with ovarian and cervical cancer. I'm just scared now. Sorry if I'm being stupid.

Any thoughts on this white lump?

Thanks for listening



hi, I'm affraid I'm new and confused too so can't advise on any of your symptoms. But I am also waiting out the next appointment and I totally get the wait, second guessing and stressing about what might be. 

I hope the cramps ease and you can keep busy over the weekend. Did she give you any antibiotics for the lump Or any other medication? 

Hi susiesue

yep, the waiting is a nightmare isn't it....

Ok, absolutely NO medical knowledge here, but did your GP mention something called "nabothian cysts" at all?  They produce white lumps on the cervix and they are nothing to worry about.  If you Google for white lumps cervical cancer and then view the Images tab you'll see pictures of them.

I won't say don't worry because when you're waiting for results what else can you do!  Take care.




Thanks very much. The more I read the more I am confused.  Yes she did mention nabothian cysts but said it was harder than she would have expected. Hmmmm Now I understand what they are (thank you for the name of it) I'm praying that't it. Wikipedia does say 'firm'.

Fingers crossed and for everyone else too xx