Is advanced cancer possible?

Hi everyone

Is advanced cancer possible with no symptoms and diagnosis picked up at routine smear?

I don’t know my stage yet I’m in awful waiting room between scans waiting for an MDT

Every niggle - is that a spread?

Hello Amaayrachel
and welcome! :slight_smile: I to the club no one wants to be in, but everyone is lovely! I didn’t want to scroll past and not say anything.
You posted a few days ago so I’m hoping that you may have had some more news by now.
Whilst I can’t and I don’t think any of us can answer your question, the waiting game is the hardest and your mind can go into complete overdrive, that’s completely normal. I’m hoping you have heard some more by now and have got your plan together?
I was stage 2b adenocarcinoma, treatment over in the spring and I’ve had my first clear PRT scan a few weeks ago so all good!

do let us know how you are getting on

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Hi peppie!

Thanks for replying. I did put two posts on pretty close together - explaining my story. I had my MRI Monday just gone - I get discussed at MDT this Monday coming 17th, I will get a phone call after they’ve discussed me with staging/treatment plan and I meet my consultant on Tues 18th to discuss further. I’m still absolutely terrified. Did you have symptoms with your stage 2? Did you have regular smears?

CLEAR SCANS THO!! Well done you!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Hello Peppie. I have been diagnosed the same type of cervical cancer as you but waiting for the MRI scan to let me know what stage I am at. Can i ask, what were your symptoms when you were diagnosed? It’s making me crazy not having any idea what stage i could potentially be at. Hope you are doing ok.

Hi WeeP

I thought I would reply too - as I have just been told I have adenocarcinoma. I don’t currently have any symptoms - I’ve always bled a little after sex (not everytime) and had investigations about this and told it was because of my ecropian of the cervix. Other than that, nothing unless I think about them, like back pain - but I’ve had this for years. I get my staging tomorrow im so nervous x

I was about 6 - 8 months late on my smear (Covid put me off going when I should have done)
people speak about watery discharge but mine was more like hand gel and sticky - clear and no smell so I was silly and ignored it for a while. I had a slight bit of bleeding one day when using the toilet and nearly ignored it but thought I’d call the GP and she’d tell me not to worry but she whipped me straight to Gynae in just over a week and from there it was really quick to get scans/biopsies done and into treatment. I couldn’t fault the process.
Looking back I would always say to anyone if something is happening is not right for you then contact your doctor, I just kept thinking discharge wasn’t watery and wasn’t smelly so there cant be anything wrong, but there was and I learnt a valuable lesson there.
I will keep checking in and see how you’re all going with it all! and happy to chat and listen

So sorry for this late reply! How did you get on? Hope everything is ok with you and you feel a bit better with knowing your stage and having a plan. This waiting game for me is the worst.