Is A Hysteroscopy Common Procedure??

Hi ladies,

Heres a little bit about myself for those i havent yet 'met'.

I attended my first smear just after my 25th birthday which came back showing severe high grade cell changes.

I attended a colposcopy appointment where i was expecting the lletz treatment but after she examined me she said she was unable to offer treatment at that time as the cell changes were quite extensive and she could see they had spread to my vaginal walls and through my cervical canal.

We had a lenghty chat which im still unsure why it happened. She made me a cup of tea and we discussed cancer and a hysterectomy but she claimed she was only discussing this so i had heard it once before and wouldnt be shocked if i heard it again which understandably confused me! She then went on to refer me to a gynae-oncologist at a larger hospital as even though she wasnt sure what treatment i would require, she said i would definitly need surgery under a GA.

My biopsy results have since come back showing CIS and VAIN 3.

I received an appointment to meet the new doctor which originally was just for a gynae outpatients with no mention of any examinations etc but now i have had that appointment cancelled and given a new appointment (for the next day) to meet the new doctor where i will have a repeat colposcopy aswel as a hysteroscopy under LA. I havent seen much mention on here of a hysteroscopy so abit unsure about why im having one or even what one is really!

I do know while i am under GA i will be having my bladder and bowel looked at but guessed this is common practise but there has been no mention before of this hysteroscopy.

Can anyone offer any advice on the procedure or why it may be happening?

Any experiences or advice would be really appreciated.

Thankyou ladies



Hi Johanna,

I can't relate personally, but I have read that the hysteroscopy is part of the examination when they want to heck your bowel and bladder as well. It's basically a more thorough version of a colposcopy. The NHS website said they can use it to look for problems in the uterus such as fibroids or polyps (non cancerous growths). If they are concerned your abnormal cells have spread to the vaginal wall they may just be ensuring that it hasn't spread any where else too.

Sorry I can't offer any first hand experience but I just wanted to let you know that I think it is quite common.


Thanks for your reply. 

I don't know what surgery il be having as of yet but have been told while I am under they will be looking at my bladder and bowel aswel. 

Just seems abit backwards to want to inspect my uterus on a desperate occasion when he could do it all at the same time. 

Doctors! Humpf!