Is 2 weeks long to wait for MRI

I have squamous cell cinanoma cin3 just found out on Tuesday went to see consultant and he wants to do an inturnal on the 23 march under ga and said I should get a letter for MRI scan in 2 weeks is this normal or is it a long time to wait I carnt stop thinking the worst even thou the nurse said she thinks it's early stages am just scared it will come back worse I have 4 kids and a nervise wreck keep freaking out :(:( x

Hi Cvs,

This is an average time I think. I waited 10 days for mine. I know it seems like forever to wait. This site is a good support. I also found keeping busy helped the time to pass.

Best Wishes,


Hi Cvs,

I was going to have to wait that long for an MRI and then my husband managed to get me in earlier. I think sounding close to tears on the phone helped! ;) They sometimes get cancellations so do try phoning. The waiting is the worst and most people feel better when they know what the stage and treatment are. Best of luck with it! 

Kirsty xx


Just received my date for MRI scan 24 march am happy it's finally booked but scared at the same time hopefully this time next week I should no what stage I am and what treatment I shall have trying to keep myself busy think I have the cleanest house in the world :) think il start on my garden soon helps to keep myind off things x

Hi CVs :-)

I'm not sure how long after your MRI you will be expected to wait for the results from that, but if in the meantime you'd like to come and clean my house you'd be more than welcome! ;-)

Be lucky