irritated cervix after smear? Tmi sorry :/


So I had my smear 3 weeks ago,she discovered a lot of bleeding in touch and a big raw patch so sent straight for colposcopy without smear results.. 

Since the smear I have had heavy discharge but not itchy or smelly so no thrush or anything.. My partner and I were intimate about a week and a half after smear and since then I've had awful pain in my cervix and back. I have the colposcopy on 15th so didn't want too go to the gp as they will likely say there's nothing they can do as under consultant and.going for colposcopy.. 

But I wondered if this is normal and my cervix is just irritated?  Wondering if any of u have had problems either after smear or when there's a patch of something on the cervix? 

Still no smear results so haven't a clue what's going on down there till they come back or the colposcopy.. Except there's a raw erosion to the cervix and blood significantly on touch. 

Have had pain after intercourse before but never that has stuck around.. I also keep getting inside,the walls. That's back again and isn't going down this time.

Sorry for Tmi.. Just hoping this is normal for the situation and don't no where else to turn!!

Thanks in advance 


I would definitely go to your gp and tell him the situation has changed (bleeding/swelling), even if he prescribes ibuprofen it might reassure you. Another couple of weeks of uncomfortableness until your next appt is a long time. I'm not sure chasing your smear results will achieve anything. You could discuss with your gp whether and how you can be intimate in this in between time. Hopefully the colposcopy will give you some reassurance.

Good luck x

Hey I had mine monday and my doctor said mine looked aggressive and bled a lot when touched. I pointed out 2 lumps on my cervix too. But I have to wait for my smear to come back she didn't send me straight to colposcopy.  I had lletz treatment for cin3 last year.  Go back to the GP. I haven't yet but really should do. Hope all goes well xxx

Thanks for.your replies, much appreciated. 

Maybe I will have a chat with the gp Monday if it hasn't settled. I think the gp will say no to intimate times to be honest, just trying to prepare the other half for the 4/6 week's of nothing after the colposcopy! Can't deal with this though!  There is a gynea emergency line that u can call for advice but I'm not sure this warrants that,if I had smear results it would help decide what to do!!

Ive tried chasing smear results but there not back yet so they said the colposcopy is booked so don't worry about the smear results.. I just want a heads up before the colposcopy on what's going on!

I've assumed this pain is just irritated swelling but deep down I'm wondering if it could just be a symptom from the mess inside me! 

Thanks again for the replies x