Irregular shaped lump on cervix the size of 5p



I went for my smear test after avoiding it since 2011 but the nurse said she couldn't do it because there seemed to be something in the way, a lump and that I would need to go back later that day for the doctor to see.

I went back later and the doctor explained I have a lump. She drew me a picture and said its and irregular shape, sort of wobbly edged, she scraped it and it didn't bleed (I don't know if that's good or bad?), she said it was sort of white, yellow and pinkish in colour. She wasn't sure what it was and has referred me to colposcopy which is in a couple of weeks.

She didn't give me any reason to worry, I just curiously started searching the internet, but I can't find anything that sounds similar to how she described. 

I'm just puzzled I suppose as to what it could be?

Does anybody know what this could be?


Thank you x