Irregular period 10 months after cone biopsy


I had a cone biopsy last year Aug. I had my 3 month follow up and all good and my 6 month follow up is due next month. 

Soon after the op I went off the pill and my period came back stronger than ever since then. This month however it is barely spotting. Have taken pregnancy test to check and that's negative. 

Could this be another issue related to hpv? Could it have come back and this is one of the signs?



Hi Mel, I've heard anecdotally from women that these procedures can effect periods. Are you on any hormonal contraception? That could also be an issue. Have you been to the doctor about it? I have a support group on fb for women dealing with long term issues after cone biopsy and LEEP and I can add you if you'd like to ask the women there? 

Hi. Not on the pill anymore. Went off soon after op luckly cause it can cause hpv to come back by lowering zinc and other vitamin levels. Haven't been to doc yet. Due for next follow up in a few weeks. What is the fb group called? Will have a look. Is it private so comments won't be revealed on my wall? 

Thanks Mel