Irregular Bleeding

Hi I just want some advice from women going through the same thing as me. Last year I passed a large blood clot and visited my GP worried as this has never happened before. She referred me for an ultrasound and everything came back clear. Fast forward to this year and passed another clot along with shooting pains down both my legs. I went back to my GP and she referred me to GYNY as urgent and also done a smear. She said everything looked healthy and the smear came back clear also so I didn't worry that it was anything serious. From then I have had light bleeding this progressed to bleeding the entire of last month and I woke up today to more bleeding however it's heavier. I phoned GYNY today to be told I have been moved from urgent to non urgent as a consultant has looked over my notes. I was also told I'll be waiting up to 14 months for an appointment. Once I came off the phone I broke down in tears. I'm now more worried than ever as it's getting worse every month and I don't know how I'm going to wait another 10 months not knowing what's causing this. I'm ringing tomorrow to get another appointment with GP. I just wanted some advice if any of you have been through the same thing on what to do next or anything else that could be causing the bleeding.


so im new and thought I would respond.. I am in a similar position as you. so I started bleeding start of Aug 2017 and this has now been going on until still now.. I went to my gp about 2 weeks ago and asked if there was something her could do. He prescribed me a tablet to take to stop it but this did not work.. so I went in for an appt, so my bleeding has gone from full on bright red blood, to passing this weird brown liquid that looks quite gravelly, to passing huge clots and now I’m back to the brown liquid. ( sorry for so much detail) so at appt he examined me and said I’m not bleeding from my cervix??? So where then? He has referred me to see a gynaecologist at my local hospital whenever that may be.. I had a internal ultrasound a few months prior for lower abdo pain but no bleeding which came back clear... has anyone else had anything similar that can maybe explain what this could be? I am obviously thinking the worst but I may or may not be correct....