Irregular bleeding during and after sex and between periods. All tests came back clear.

Hi everyone!


This is my first time ever writing on a forum but I really need some reassurance. 


I've always had irregular periods so I've been on the pill and had the implanon over the years. A year ago I started bleeding during sex so I went to the doctor in October. I had a smear test, chlamydia, gonnerea and an ultrasound. Everything came back clear and I was told it would pass.


6 months later it is way worse, everytime I have sex with my new boyfriend i bleed heavily mid-sex. Its so embarrasing and traumatic. It makes me feel like im not feminine and sexy and its turned me off sex.


So today I went back to the doctors. I told her my boyfriend said he could feel something swollen inside of me. She dismissed it even when I asked her to check it. She's referred me to gynocologist in 3 weeks but told me that I might not have anything and maybe the bleeding will never stop.


What I'm asking is has anyone been through the same situation and did the bleeding ever stop? If so after how long?


Thanks in advance!