Irregular Bleeding after Trachelectomy

Hi everyone

Just wanted to know if any of you have experienced bleeding through the cycle after trachelectomy. To be more precise I have had a trachelectomy just over a year ago and ever since my operation I experience bleeding during my cycle. It is bright red and runny blood (not like period blood) and it starts aproximately 4-6 days after ovulation, but i have had months where i was also experiencing spotting pretty much at any stage in the cycle. I have regular check ups and my surgeon says I'm clear of cancer. And it isn't infection or anything like that. It is a cyclical patern of bleeding but not period (probably related to hormones). I have always had regular periods before my op.

If any of you experienced anything similar can you please let me know. I am desperate to sort it out.

Thank you

Hey, I had my trachelectomy

Sorry my phone is playing. I had trachelectomy in October 2013 and i had spotting before period and bleed ocassionally after sex:( it is difficult to know what is normal. if doctors are not concerned you should stop worrying too much xxx just keep an eye on it xxx

Hi Jelbor777

Thank you for your reassuring words. My bleeding gets really heavy sometimes and it can last for upto couple of weeks and it's every single month, so it can be very hard to live with, but it certainly helps to hear other people's experiences and not feel so alone. Thank you xxx

It feels really lonely indeed, but you are not alone!  xxx There are so many theories why we bleed and most of them are not sinister at all. Unfortunately the real horror of the cancer is the psychological damage we all experienced. It is very difficult not to be scared and not to assume the worst case scenario every time something goes wrong, everything is unusual after such experience and I do hope that at some point we will learn to relax more and enjoy life a bit more xxx You are not alone! xxxx