Irregular bleeding 6 months after LLETZ


So I had LLETZ treatment in June 2019 to remove CIN3 cells which were removed successfully.

Everything was fine until October when I started bleeding over a week before my period was due ( I take the pill and have done for over 4 years so everything is usually very regular).

I am now experiencing this for the third occasion, starting to spot again 10 days after I have just had a bleed, meaning I am bleeding almost 3 weeks a month!

I have my 6 month appointment this week but I have read so much online I am terrified that I am stuck with this for the long run!!! Has anyone else had this issue and can shed any light or give any advice??



Hi. I'm sorry you haven't had any responses. Try to stay off Dr Google- it's generally people who have had bad experiences who post. People who its happened to and it turns out to be nothing don't tend to post.

If it is worst case scenario,  there are very effective treatments available so please don't worry (easily said I know) until you find out what you're dealing with