Irregular and long periods after LLETZ

Hi all,


I had my LLETZ procedure in March 2017, after they found CIN II & CIN III cells from my coloscopy. Although the aftermath wasn't pleasant, as you all know, I felt back to normal after about 5 weeks.


I am due for my six month follow-up in September but I wondered if any of you experienced irregular periods after your LLETZ procedures? 


I am on the mini pill so they usually are a bit all over the place, but the last two periods I've experienced have lasted more than two weeks with unbearable cramps, feeling hot all the time and emotional (I'm 27 FYI with no children). Feeling fed up of having to wear pantyliners, just in case. 


I have been considering coming off the mini pill for some time now, just because I'm fed up of the hormones, but unsure that the irregularity is due to that or the LLETZ.


Anyone experiencing anything similar? Thank you in advance if you can help :) xx