Irregular and heavy/painful periods and spotting after LLetz?

Has anyone had this?

I had my second Lletz, 5 weeks after the first, at the end of October last year, during my period. (I had also had my period during my first Lletz, so this period was at the normal time) after that I didn't get another period for 8 weeks, but in between I had a lot of spotting on and off, some of it heavy. When my period came it was very heavy and painful And lasted two weeks. Then I had my 'normal' period at roughly when I would normally get it, 35 days later and again, it was extremely heavy and painful And lasted 9 days. 

It is now 17 days since my last period started and I started spotting/bleeding last night and have some cramping. I'm pretty sure this is not a period though. 

Could this be cause day the Lletz and has anyone else experienced this please? 


I am on the pill so the actual timing of my periods hasnt been affected, but they have gone from being light and painfree to really heavy and very crampy! My doc seems to think it will sort itself out!

If you are worried you should go to your GP who might be able to reassure you!

Cat x

Hi, after my Lletz i bled for the full 6 weeks, had one week off then my period started ( i think i must have had a period during the healing stage?) this period last 18 days and was like my first ever period! Then 2 weeks later another one, then the next month i was spotting for about 2 weeks, even took a preg test just to make sure! then a lighter period but for 14 days. Up unitl my Lletz my periods have been pretty regular, i am on the mini pill so had also found them to be a lot lighter pre Lletz but now i am all over   the shop! I had my consultant check up and he said Lletz wouldnt affect periods because its nothing to do with hormones, he suggested that it was maybe me just worrying and putting everything off kilter. I havent been able to speak to him since the spotting but have an appointment in a few weeks. Oh the joys! Xxxx