Invisible cin3

I had a colposcopy during which the dr could not see any abnormality but took biopsy to make sure. The results came back cin3 and I will need to have have loop.
How is the dr going to know where to treat when the abnormal area was not visible and said it looked healthy? How will he make sure that all the abnormality is treated without taking unnecessary healthy cervix?

Its a good job he took a biopsy then isnt it and that the area he took it from was affected! Pretty scary stuff! Did you have an abnormal smear before your colposcopy? I think that when they take a biopsy then they write down where abouts they took it frron for example at 2 o clock 5 o clock and so on. Then when they perform the lletz they will see if they got clear margins or not. Does that make sense? Did he only take one biopsy? Sorry for all the questions I have similar concerns at the moment in that all my symptoms point to cc but nothing has been found. Which is both reassuring and worrying at the same time.

Also when he applied the acetic acid and iodine did nothing show up?

Yes the colposcopy was following abnormal smear and no the solution that was applied did not show anything and dr said cervix look healthy. Dr took 3 pinch biopsies I don't know the individual results just cin3. 

Thanks for that information the clock makes sense so they will have an idea of where to lletz.

Have you had some biopsies taken that came back clear? Its awful not knowing what's happening and waiting. I hope you get some more reassurance soon.

Yes I did have a couple of biopsies. They were clear but there is no explanation for all my symptoms. Could it happen that I have cc even after negative biopsies? Im worried its further up and is being missed. Im seeing a urologist on Monday because as well as pcb a heavy discharge and very heavy periods I have had on and off uti symptoms for the last two years and all urine test/cultures come back clear. My symptoms seem like that of an infection or cc! but all tests are always negative. Before all of these issues I hardly ever went to the doctors and because they don't find anything I feel embarassed going bk even though all of this is persisting! Thank you for your reply. Hopefully you will get clear margins ob the lletz and that will be the end of it all. Let us know how you get on love d.x

Hi Peaches,

Thanks for responding to my thread, thought I'd pop over here to respond to you - hopefully your treatment won't be quite as long-winded as mine, at least the biopsies have shown that the CIN3 is in your cervix so hopefully they'll be able to whip it all out with the lletz and you'll be done!  I know it's still horrible to have to go through it, but if the punch biopsies have shown where the abnormal cells are, then there should be a good chance the lletz can catch it all on the first go.

I had a lletz back in February and made the nurse show me the jar so I could see how much she'd removed (I'm nosey like that!) and honestly it didn't seem like she's taken that much off even though I'd begged her to take as large a sample as she could, so you shouldn't worry that they'll start removing healthy cervix, they'll take as little as they feel they need to and would only want to take more if the sample doesn't show clear margins the first time.

The only reason I'm going back is that the lletz didn't show any abnormal cells at all so they still need to find them, so the fact that your original biopsies have found where the CIN3 is should mean that you get this all over and done with quicker than me - please don't think that your case will drag on as much as mine has, I really do think you'll find it won't!

Take care, and let us know how you get on xxx

I hope your right and they will get it in one go. I am just concerned as the cin3 changes were not visible to the eye during the previous colposcopy (reasons still unknown to me) and the dr could see where he was taking the biopsies from and to him it looked healthy. when he does the lletz how accurate can he be?  Still I would prefer a large section taken and get clear results first time.  

Hi just curious about this as I'm going to be having treatment defiantly but they dont  know one till my punch biopsy comes back, I did ask what if the treatment misses some cells and the nurse said they treat the whole cervix healthy or not to be sure they get it all. Is this not correct? sor I'm new to all this and dont fully understand it all. 

Sorry about the spelling my head is not with it today, I had my colposcopy and biopsy yesterday and Im still really nervous for results. 

Hi Elle, 

i expect to have lletz which would only remove a section of cervix. I think they check the whole cervix at the colposcopy and treat abnormal areas. Do you know what they found or suspected at your colposcopy?

I hope you get your results soon X 

No they didn't say, at my original appointment he said based on my boarderline smear he didn't expect to find anything to much, so was in a bit of a shock when he said I will need treatment. Thankyou x

Peaches what happened with you? 

I had the lletz treatment, a large deep area was removed and I'm waiting for results. 

Thanks for  getting back to  me.  How was the lletz? Was the consultant  able to  see anything this  time?  How are you  feeling. Hope it's the end of it all for  you. Please keep us updated.  Love d. X

I'm not sure if he could see anything to be honest. He removed as much as possible two full loops, so if  my cervix was a clock he went from 12 all the way round back to 12 and did this twice so it was deep treatment. Hopefully I will have clear margins then a smear in 6 months. I found the local anaesthetic I bit painful but that was all. Mild cramps after and not to much bleeding so far. X