? Invasive


Just wondering if anyone has had this result from smear and it has been ok?
All I was told was severe smear, my results have appeared on my nhs app and this is what it says. Was referred to colposcopy 2ww. Had colposcopy 10 days later and lletz at the appointment. Colposcopy have sent letter saying cin 3 and discussing my case at mdt?

Hi Jem, similar here - my last smear also said “query invasive” and then the biopsy taken came back “CIN3, no cancer found on the sample”. I am having LLETZ next week but my doctor was very conservative and basically said let’s hope there’s nothing further. I haven’t been able to think of anything else so empathise with you. X

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Hi Jemjewel

I always give long replies so I’m sorry :joy:

Smears honestly aren’t always a definitive diagnosis, try not too read too much into them they are there for a guideline to see if more needs to be done, it sounds like the NHS app has sent you into a spiral bless you xx the biopsy from the colposcopy clinic is what they have found despite what the smear has said this is the diagnosis you need to focus on as it’s a lot more accurate at diagnosing the grade of cells x smears just scrape the cells and give them an idea somethings there whereas the biopsy/LLETZ gives them a bigger chunk to examine, otherwise they would just take what the smear says as gospel and go straight in x if I remember rightly from another post you said they also said no further treatment for now, if anything more than CIN3 had been found from the LLETZ it would have been confirmed in the results you received and if they weren’t sure it would still be in the letter you got :slight_smile: x MDTs will usually discuss whether more treatment is needed ie another LLETZ, laser treatment etc rather than changing a diagnosis especially when one has already been given like in your case CIN3 x since your smear came back severe (?invasive) but the biopsy/LLETZ showed different this will also need to be discussed x

When my smear stated CIN1 in October after my 12 month check it still said low grade dyskaryosis yet when I went for my colposcopy in jan that biopsy result came back CIN3(?invasive) I asked my gynea why there was such a discrepancy and he said it would be discussed at an MDT when my LLETZ results come back x

Try not too over think things too much as scary as an MDT meeting sounds they aren’t always doom and gloom :purple_heart: x


Ahh, I had lletz at my colposcopy appointment. I think seeing the smear results has made me a bit more scared now!! I was sent a really vague smear results letter just saying abnormal cells will require treatment which came the day after my colposcopy appointment letter. Was sent to colposcopy 10 days later, offered biopsies or treatment there and then I said do the treatment. I asked what my actual smear results were at that appointment and was just told severe. Then I received the colposcopy letter with the cin 3 and taking it to mdt. It’s all a bit worrying and annoying how vague/little information they are giving me? I was expecting a come back in 6 months letter. But on the upside just because smear was ?invasive doesn’t mean it necessarily is?

Yes you are right the nhs app has made me panic more. It’s so frustrating how no one has actually told me anything whenever I’ve asked questions. But yes the colposcopy said cin 3 so I guess that’s why mdt because of the discrepancy between the 2 results. I’m still hoping for a come back in 6 months letter. And I keep telling myself it’s good it’s going to mdt more heads are better than one?

Another question I have is my letter doesn’t say about margins or anything from colposcopy? Would I be expecting a more detailed letter maybe after the mdt?

That’s the worst thing when your left in the dark even when you ask all these questions, yet they are the first ones to say ‘stay away from Google’ don’t know what else they expect from us really lol x

Yeah you should receive another one after the meeting if it hasn’t been mentioned they are likely to be discussing this also, but the fact they have said precancerous changes has been found it means they havnt found malignancy under the scope, so even if clear margins havnt been met it’s not cancer you would be in for more treatment, sometimes a few cells can be left over that needs to be removed before the test of cure can be offered which may be why you have received that letter yet x if at the MDT they decide yep thats right no more treatment needed you’ll get the test of cure letter letting you know you need a smear in 6 months time x