Invasive/large/Cervical carcinoma

Hello again

im having a bit of a wobbly knowing that my tumour is classified as 'Large and invasive" and like a fool have googled it!!

Im going to be climbing the walls this weekend whilst waiting for staging and treatment plan and I know they can't tell me anymore without results but with these words am I to expect a incurable Diagnosis I.e inoperable when see so many of you lovely ladies having ops

They use such jargon don't they!

im trying to stay calm and be patient and was doing ok but today I'm in a frenzy


Thank you so much Xxx

I am 21 years passed a large aggressive tumour!

It doesn't mean you are incurable at all. Most likely it means that surgical options may not be the treatment of choice and they will be thinking about chemo/ radiotherapy.. Try and hold on to positive thoughts whilst the full picture is being created and the treatment plan drawn up.

Good luck!

Karen x 


Thank you Karen, 21 years is amazing! You are an incredible lady and very supportive, I feel once I know I will focus better it's this inbetween stage is a killer x

Hi Weepingwillow,

Sorry to hear about your'e diagnosis, i was diagnosed with 3b cervical cancer and have just finished 6 weeks of Chemotheropy and start Radiotheropy and Chemo on the 8th of august for 5 weeks and then brechytheropy for 2 weeks, i just hope Radio is as kind to me as the Chemo was, dont get me wrong i had my bad day's but more good ones than bad. Looking at the day you first posted i'm guessing you might have already started your treatment. The only advice i can give is to stay positive and trust in your'e consultant (They know what thier doing) It would be nice to hear from you and know how you are getting on and coping with things.X


Hi Juby

Thank you for your kind reply, I hope you are doing well with your treatment and are not getting too many side effects, I have just completed week two, rather up and down with a few side effects that the nurses have dealt with quickly, please message me anytime and look forward to hear that you are getting on well xx