Intraveinous vitamin C

Hi ladies,

Has anyone here tried high dose intravenous vitamin C?

In the last few days I've been doing a lot of research on this. On the news this week a doctor from Otago University ( new Zealand) was interviewed. She was thrilled with the results they were getting with treating cancer patients and I read some great articles calling for it to be prescribed along side chemo treatments in the mainstream health system.

I thought.... well hey, even if it doesn't work for me surely it will boost my body to help the fight!?! 

So I hunted down a doctor yesterday who would prescribe this for me and administer it and Yay, today I was put on a high dose drip. 

I would be really interested if anyone else in this great forum had given this a go and how it went for them?

Best of luck to everyone out there :)



i have to read a lot of research about this and was really keen to try it but my consultant said he didn't know enough about it , I would be really interested in contacting the doctor who helped you with this , I hope you don't mind me asking , please PM me if you able 


Many thanks 


Wow, very interesting. What about doses needed of vitamin c? I'm now taking acerola and or/eating food to ensure at least 150 mg of vitamin c (not sure if artificial vitamins are better taken by our body - don't know enough actually), but i'm asking if it's enough ..

Hi Greeni ( i will try and PM you ) and hi lianaM,

Firstly I have no idea if this will work.

Im not a health nut, never have been but enjoy reading about different stuff and have taken the odd suppliment from time to time but thats about it. It was just by chance that there was a story about this on the evening news this week and I was like wow - well if it's helping these other people why not give it a go. Hahaha I'm happy to be a bit of a guinea pig as it does not have any side effects :)

LianaM-  Vitamin C given through a vien (intravenously ) has has been found to have different effects than vitamin C taken in pill form. This has prompted renewed interest in the use of vitamin C as a cancer treatment.

When taken by intravenenous infusion, vitamin c can reach much higher levels in the blood than when taken by mouth. Studies suggest these higher levels of vitamin c may cause the death of cancer cells in the laboratory. Gp's are reluctant to prescribe intravenous vitamin c because it sits outside standard treatments approved by hospitals and here in New Zealand it presents a logistical challenge, in that it has to be imported from overseas and requires a dedicated room where patients can sit for up to an hour and a half while drips are given.

Yesterday ( my first dose ) I was on the drip for one hour and met some other ladies. One had stage four breast cancer and she swears by it and her scans have come back almost clear but she is also using it alongside chemo treatments.

My dose was at the lower scale as we dont know the extent of my cancer ( Scans next week ) So I was put on 25gms I think he said and this could go up to 50gms. The people I have meet and from what I have read are having at least one does a week and some up to three times a week.

But heres the bad bit- its not cheap :(  Here in NZ: I paid $115 for yesterdays treatment and the price goes up if you need a higher dose. And again here it has to be prescribed.

A clinic I spoke to said I could go along to my Docotor and ask for it to be prescribed but she did say some Docotors here are very good about it, and then others are not at all interested and say no.

I was lucky and found a Docotor who prescribes it and gives it to you. But again the first consulation was not cheap, and on top of  that having to pay for the vitamin c dose.

A recent story on TVNZ Sunday Program featured a Police Officer who was diagnosed with terminal leukmia but is now in remission after having intravenous Vitamin C and he also radically changed his diet. Again though ...I dont know if this will work,it may for some and not for others.... its not clear yet.... its just something I want to try as a tool that might work for me or at least build my body up for a fight :)

And when I saw that the Universty of Otago was now funded and running trails on patients and their results on bowel cancer and another type had been wonderfu! Well I was on goole and the phone all over the place haha.

Any way ...any questions, I'm happy to try and answer :)

Best of luck to all

Sarah :)


2 days on since my first vitamin c dose... Have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels.  Funny coz i didn't even feel that my energy was low before but must of been coz I'm feeling great.

Placebo effect??

Could be I have no idea. 


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Our family member started the therapy with VITAMIN C IV  and now she began to feel better day by day.

The dose is 30 grams of Vit C daily at least 6 months.

The problem was to find a pharma supplier but finally we found a new GP very open minded regarding alternative therapies he shared us his source of genuine Vitamin C IV mega dose.

We have spent many hours reading medical forums just to find more about it.

Also the costs of this therapy in clinics is exaggerated.

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Any systematic review on this?