Internal rads starting, terrified!!!

So i thought i had another week until this internal brachy starts but found out yestetday (right before chemo) that i have surgery this Thursday to insert the device the keeps my cervix pathway clear for the midevil apparatus they use. It is a three prong nightmare. That once inserted into the cervix gets hooked up and the rads shoot thru it into my uterus. 

Please any advice? I get sick to my stomach when they even mention it. I broke down in tears when I told my mom. And i have to go to surgery alone! Thanks COVID! My mom can only come to the main lobby. Crazy times. 

They said i have to bring my advanved directive and medical power if attorney with me. I am the first patient to have the new protocol (due to covid) and they usually roll you straight from hospital to oncology but patient transfer is not allowed (thanks covid) so i will just go home after then drive back for my afternood external rads. 

This part if the treatment just seems so invasive and the nurse said it is quite painful. 

Any advice or stories about this particular treatment? 

Going a little bonkers over here. 

Thank you in advance. And of course i am just trying to keep a positive attitude and accept these lifesaving treatments into my body. I say a little prayer/mantra asking that my body accepts these treatments and let them heal me, before Everything.


Oh hun I can relate. Reading your posting brings back memories for me, I was so so scared, I had a full blown panick attack just talking about having brachy.


But really, it was completely doable. It wasn't fun. But I had no pain at all. I chose to have an epidural instead of anesthesia. I was awake when the applicator was inserted and I got to see what they were doing. It was not scary at all. They were all so kind to me, so sweet and caring


They provided me with a morphine pump, but I never used it. I managed 48 hours (2 x 24 hours one week apart) on just paracetamol. I didn't have anesthesia when the applicator was removed either, this didn't hurt either. It was uncomfortable at the most.

You can do this. It's no walk in the park but it wasn't nearly as bad as I had made it up to be.  


Just keep in mind that this is the biggest blow to the tumor

Thank you Izzzy. I am feeling a little more calm. I just want to stay positive and make sure my body is accepting all the treatments. I want this to be successful so i need to be positive. Thank you for your words of encouragement. 


You can do this! ❤

Stacy, I completely agree with Izzy it's not at all as bad as we build it up in our minds to be. I had the exact same brachytherapy as Izzy , after chemo and external radiation, 2 overnight hospital stays . So I know it's a little different than yours , but I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think, stress and the unknown can be such a powerful thing sometimes. I'm sure after your first one the second one will be routine.

Hey sweetheart,

I completely agree with everything that has been said, it just seems daunting but it's not that bad.
I hope it all went well today, these are scary times without the added stress of changes to hospital procedures due to covid19 but you are strong and as scary as everything sounds the reality is actually more doable. I didn't have the type of brachy that you will be having I had mine in one big 4 night stay. If nothing else try to focus on the brachy being the cherry on the top of treatment that's gonna help you kick cancers butt! 
Ask for help, talk to anyone and everyone, do whatever you need to do to get through this, shout, scream, swear, there is no right or wrong way to deal with treatment. 
You are strong and in a few weeks you will be done!! 
massive hugs and loads of love xxx

Thank you ladies. I had day surgery yesterday to put in mybsmit sleeve. Loads of pain all day. But most importantly doctor said my tumor has shrunk from 5cm to 3cm!!!! I am so excited. I cried when my mom told me.  I am just so relieved that the treatments are working. We did not expect to get this news so soon!! I am so releived!!!! It makes going into todays internal treatment easier. Not that I am all excited about it but just a little less scared. 

And your support and encouragement is everything to me. Thank you!

That is fantastic news! I am so glad for you to get it so early and right at a time when you needed a boost! Best of luck with internal radiation! Sending my strongest good energies!

Fantastic news xxx

Great news to hear Stacy!

wondwrful news Stacey!