Internal radiation

Hi ladies just a have a question. I had 1b1 squamous cell, had a radical hysterectomy and then 5 chmeo an 5 weeks of radiation.  But didnt have internal radiation. I was woundering if there is anyone else who didnt have internal. Because everywhere i read all of u ladies had both. I am worried i should have had both. I am in the US and my radiation doctor said they dont use internal that much anymore.

Thank you everyone :-)

I didn't have internal but had two weeks external extra. 

I haven't had confirmation of success at a scdn yet though. 

I wonder if it's because you had a hysterectomy.  There's nothing to attach the rods to x 

Hi. I also had 1B1 squamous cell CC back in Sept 2014. I live in the UK. I had a RH followed by 5 chemo and 25 external rads. No brachytherapy. I asked my consultant why not and she just said I didn't need it. I am assuming that the positioning of the tumour and the nature of the RH meant it was not required. I do have a rather short vagina as a result! All scans still good. 


Just wanted to say thank u to shewolf, philleepa, and rachel57 for answering my guestion. I was a little worried they forgot soemthing. So thanks again all of u r great.:-)

In my prayers