Internal felt like a rectal examination!

Hi ladies

I had a follow up appointment yesterday; usual procedure - a discusssion and then an internal examination.

The gynaecologist used a small speculum with plenty of lube. It was pain free (I think my HRT must be working) but to my surprise/shock it felt like a rectal examination; I said so at the time and was reassured the speculum was in the right place - I’m sure it was because I had the usual soreness afterwards.

The top half was removed during my RH and I had chemo-radio to follow. I don’t know if only having half a vagina might go some way to explain what I felt, but I’ve had several internal exams since my treatment in 2017 and none of them felt like a rectal exam. Or maybe it’s just down to the gynae’s technique?

I’ve been using topical oestrogen for a year and only since then have my internal exams been pain free - revelation lol. Also I started on oestrogen patches a few months ago. Since my diagnosis I haven’t had penetrative sex so wouldn’t know how that might feel.

Has anyone else had an internal that felt like a rectal exam?


Correction to above:

3rd paragraph should begin: The top half of my vagina was removed…

Hi Jazza - only me! It sounds like your internal check went really well and has confirmed your topical HRT is working. It does indeed sound odd that the internal felt like a rectal exam, but the wall between the vagina and the rectum is actually quite thin, and I’m thinking it’s possible that you had something in your rectum at the time of the exam (we can all guess what :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) that registered the pressure of the speculum. I’ve sometimes had a odd feeling when I’m using the dilator, and it usually means I am due a visit to the toilet at some time in the future. Sorry if that’s too graphic… x

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I always get a vaginal and a rectal exam. Could it be that they performed a rectal exam without the speculum? They never use a speculum rectaly, just the finger and have a go that way ( yes it’s aweful but I just try to laugh about it since it’s something we have to deal with )


Thanks Jacks

Not too graphic; hadn’t thought that it might be a ‘guess what’. Makes sense as I don’t always empty completely (yet another gift from treatment I guess) plus there was a bit of soiling immediately after the examination (tmi).

Many thanks


Hi Izzy

Interesting to hear you get a rectal exam in addition to a vaginal one. Pretty sure I didn’t have a rectal exam as the gynae explained everything she was going to do in advance - very pleasant female registrar.

As you say best to laugh about it - I can now I’ve calmed down.

Many thanks.


Oh I bet that was a surprise! I agree with the theory of thin wall between. If you think about it, when giving birth, the pressure of babies head can either make you poo, or indeed think you have or about too. Several times i remember thinking I’d shat on the bed while having my babies x

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Hi Shammy

It was a surprise alright; I exclaimed, perhaps a bit too loudly, and the nurse said ‘it’s OK she (the gynae) has done this before’ - lol. Many thanks for sharing your child birth experiences, it all helps explain what I felt - every day’s a school day I guess :woman_student: