Internal examination abnormalities

Hello everyone,

I have just returned from the doctor's. Immediate referral required due to abnormal cervix. No smear done.

Cervix bled straight away upon examination, was a follow up appointment from losing a massive amount of blood in my last period (10 days of heavy bleeding).

Not sure what to think? She didn't use the term cervical cancer, but visuals have shown something.

Really quite nervous at the moment, has anyone else had this reaction to an internal examination rather than a smear?

Thanks all,

Lou x

Hi Lou,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I understand it can be really worrying when you are referred but don't have any information. One of the good things about this forum though is that there are so many people with so many different experiences. You can usually find someone who has had a similar experience and offer some words of encouragement.

My situation is a little different to yours but I did bleed during my smear. The nurse gave a perfectly good explanation as to why (although I'd be pushed to relay that now). My smear came back with severe changes and I've been having treatment to try and sort that out. I don't know how helpful it would be to go through everything as it might not sound too comforting at this stage when you're already worrying but what I would say is that the NHS screening programme has been a god send for me and I can't speak any more highly about the treatment and support I've received. It's frustrating waiting for results and consultations but you're in the best hands and now have taken the first step to getting things sorted. 

I hope that everything works out for you and that somebody gets in touch that has had a more similar experience.

K xx

Hey Lou,

My situation wasn’t the same as yours, but I was also referred very quickly so I do understand how scary that can be. They good news is that they will act very quickly (I received a dodgy result on the Monday and saw the colposcopist on Wednesday) and you will know more soon.

The advice I would give is to try not to jump too far ahead - it’s easy to imagine the worst (especially when so many of us on here have had unfortunate results), but try to wait until you get a diagnosis. You are in the system now and thing will happen fast.

There’s good information on here and I’d recommend reading up a bit so you know what questions you want to ask, but I think we’d all advise not Googling. There’s lots of scary and unhelpful stuff on the web which you don’t need to look at right now.

This is scary stuff but you’ll get through it and we’re here to support you when you need it. Good luck and do keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed! xxx

Thanks for the support - it is somewhat scary to be left hanging I guess...

Just had a call from booking services though, and I am booked in for colposcopy tomorrow morning now, so at least it's happening quickly.

Fingers crossed :) xxx

i going through the exact same thing. im 22 and have never had a smear. i was referred to a gyno for bleeding after sex and longggg clotting irregular period lasting over  a month. went to gyno monday and he looked at my cervix. he said he doesnt need to give me a smear as he can see abnormalities (vessels on cervix, odd shape and bled when he touched it). hes refered me for colposcopy and biopsy....very scared x