Intermittent symptoms?

I cannot seem to find any information about this anywhere, so I've decided to come to you guys got help. to start, i've had three "mild dysplasia" paps done, along with one colpo in 2013 and another earlier this morning along with and endocervical curettage. both procedures were done by separate doctors. At first, I was told that my first colpo was not "worrisome". I presented with symptoms that prompted me to see another doctor, and again, mild dysplasia. She wasn't going to preform another colpo, but she had noticed that the mild dysplasia I was presenting with had not cleared since the first colpo. She also told me that my first doctor had noted that he "had not taken a sufficient sample", which really pi***d me off. Anyways, she became concorned that perhaps there were areas of concern further up in my cervical canal. She was especially bothered by the fact that I was showing "typical" cc symptoms for sometime.  which brings me to my ACTUAL QUESTION:

Did any of you have symptoms that seemed to come and go?

Thinking back to as far as 5 years, I started having horrible pains deep within me during sex that neither myself nor doctors could pinpoint a reason for. I also had occasional bleeding with sex. Symptoms seemed to go away (unless I just ignored and eventually forgot about them) but recently, and the reason i went back to request another pap/colpo, is that I had an episode with sex that was painless but caused a HEAVY bleed. I had been bleeding minorly with sex for months prior, but chalked it up to trauma. I've also been having occasional  large amounts of discharge that appears to be thick and yeasty, but tests neg for yeast/candida. I've also been feing occasionally more "wet". Sometimes it feels like incontinence, the entire crotch of my panties feels wet and looks like water has leaked all over. Weird, I know. My period was late 2 months ago, and has gotten heavier. I blead in between periods slightly about 7 months ago, but that stopped happening about 3 months ago. There are other strange feelings and pains that I'm having, all sort of vague, but they're all also coming and going. I've been careful about checking for stds and other infections when having symptoms, but they always come up clear.  

Has anybody else had a similar experience or symptoms that "come and go"? Particularly anybody who has been officially diagnosed? I'm very worried and should hear results by Friday. Any info helps! Thank you all! <3


i I haven't been diagnosed - my second colposcopy is Thursday, but I didn't want to read and run. 

Like you, I have intermittent symptoms. Exactly the same with the discharge and wetness, but I'm always std/yeast infection free. I also get random cramps and pains but really unpredictably. I have polycystic ovary syndrome so I don't have periods... So can't comment on anything about that! 

Sorry if this wasn't particularly helpful, but at least you know you're not the only one :) Hope everything goes well x

I have been officially diagnosed originally 1b2 adenocarcinoma and then re staged after mri to stage 2b adenocarcinoma. I will tell you the symptoms I had buto with any post like this I fear I'm just goingoing to scare you so please remember everyone is different symptoms don't always mean cancer and some women present with no symptoms and get a cc diagnosis. I was the same having the odd bit of blood after sex, periods were a bit different, I had leg pain, pelvic pain and sone times a pain in my side. Then in January this year I'd say I was on top of my partner sorry tmi and I looked down and he was absolutely covered in blood. Like drenched. It was terrifying. Was quite watery but anytime before it was quite glupey and like blood that was conjeeled but I no know the glandular abnormalities change the discharge produced. 

After a bleed such as that I'd go to u r doctor and explain the bleeding and request a referral to a gynaecologist. 

Hope this helped :/ 

Charlene xx

Hi little Ange,

I hope this reassures you; I was officially diagnosed 2b, once my symptoms began they stayed with me, had they been more transient I may not have bothered getting myself checked properly. I hope you hear good results on Friday, but even f you don't, I'd be most surprised to hear that you've had this lurking around inside you for five years.

Be lucky


Thank you all!! I wish I had found this forim sooner. Everybody is so supportive and kind! You we all a great help; thank you and best wishes!! Xoxoxo

I'm not sure how old you are LittleAnge, but I had 'wetness' for sometime, on and off.  My gp's both said it could be because I was a very young perimenopausal.  No problems with sex or bleeding.  I was on the mini pill.  My final symptom, was a massive uncontrolable haemorrhage.  After that, they said my discharge was probably be due to the CC.