Intercourse/ recovery from lletz

Hi guys,

So I’m due to have lletz next week, following a col at the beginning of Nov.

I feel a bit embarrassed about my query because considering what’s going on it seems mad…

Myself and my husband have such a loving relationship and are inseparable. We also tend to have intercourse daily. I’m half blaming this on the reason I’ve been diagnosed with HPV and CIN2/3 even though I know that is totally irrational.

My colposcopist told me it’s a 2-4 week recovery period and I’m assuming this means no sex in this time? Which is absolutely fine, I’m just going through so many emotions that include feeling angry at myself for being so promiscuous in my late teens that it’s now going to affect my intimate relationship with the one person that makes my life worth living .

How did anyone else cope with this? I found my colposcopy to be a really unpleasant experience so I’m just dreading the lletz and have even considered general anaesthetic.

Thanks in advance guys, you’re all just amazing and what a great support network.

Hi MrsGee!

It's soooooo great that you have such a beautiful relationship with your husband!

Sex is part of life and we all have the right to live it the way we want! Many women who married being a virgin develop dysplasia and even cancer. It does not only depend on our past partners, but also on the partners that our partners had before us, so... just enjoy your relationship and take care of yourself after leep!

I had it two weeks ago and recovery has been so easy that I'm still surprised. Some light discharge, no pain.

If colpo was hard for you, try to visualize the leep, prepare mentally for it, and you'll be fine. GA is one more risk. The procedure lasts like 10 min and being home just after it was all I wanted, so LA was my only option.

Good luck!

Hi Mrs Gee

My lovely man and I are the same, at it pretty much  every day :-) And yes, you will have to find other ways to amuse yourself for 5 weeks or so, I'm afraid. After that time you should be all healed up and it will be just as nice as before, I promise.

I had my LLETZ under GA and can recommend it, as you wake up when it's all over! Of course it is better to have LA if you can as it is simpler and no GA to worry about, but if you had a problem with colposcopy, you might find LLETZ worse so maybe better to consider GA.

Good luck, and hope you get it all over with quickly


Hi MrsGee,

I agree with what everyone else has said, it's lovely that you have a close, intimate relationship, and it's certainly something that I've stuggled with throughout all of this. As a result of my symptoms, and then for 2 weeks after my biopsy, I've not been able to have sex with my other half, and it's upsetting because I miss the closeness that comes with all that. 

I've actually just had my LLETZ earlier today! I know the experience is different for everyone, but I'm hoping I can reassure you a bit because you said you're dreading it. I was too, to the point where I was sat in the waiting room today shaking and feeling sick. 

I was quite relieved when I recognised the nurse who called me as the one who was my chaperone for my biopsy appointment. She brought me into the same room I had my biopsy in (again, this calmed me down a bit because I was with a familiar person in a familiar room), and introduced me to the consultant, who turned out to be a very nice lady I actually liked much better than the one who did my biopsy!

Overall, I found it a relatively comfortable experience (as comfortable as you can be in a bare-all situation like that!). After my punch biopsy, I found it difficult to walk, I really felt the pain and cramping, I was uncomfortable throughout the procedure and could feel everything the consultant was doing. I had local anaesthetic during my LLETZ today and honestly, I didn't feel a thing. It's a slight scratchy feeling when they give you the anaesthetic but I actually found it easier to take than having my gums numbed for a filling (but the sensation is much the same at first). After the anaesthetic took effect I couldn't feel anything, not even the speculum. It helped that I had lovely nurses who kept me calm and chatted to me throughout. 

The only thing that did feel a little strange was for a few seconds after the anaesthetic is injected, my heart started to race, as it includes a small dose of adrenaline. I'm told that some people's legs shake a bit after that, but mine were fine. Strange sensation but only lasted a few seconds then I was fine. They tilted me right back in the chair which was actually more comfortable than sitting upright like I did with the biopsy, I guess because your abdominal muscles can relax better in this position. 

The nurse will put a kind of sticky pad on the inside of your leg because the loop is electrified and there's a bit of a noise like a hoover when they start the current I guess, and you can see the loop afterwards if you want to. 

As for the no sex for a few weeks thing, I've been told the same thing. Basically, to minimise your risk of infection as the site heals, don't put anything up there for about 4 weeks! So no tampons or menstrual cups, and no penetrative sex. On that note - remember to take a sanitary pad with you! They say 4 weeks but my consultant told me today it's basically until the bleeding stops and your discharge returns to normal, she said you'll intuitively know when your body feels ok to have sex again (I asked because, like you, I was worried about it - 4 weeks feels ages!). 

The 2 week waiting time after my biopsy didn't seem too long and (sorry if this is too much info!) we just tried to find other ways of feeling close to each other during that time, like having a shower together or something? I would just say do whatever you feel comfortable with, whether that's abstaining completely, or just finding ways to keep the intimacy without actually having vaginal penetrative sex. 

I really relate to what you said about kind of blaming yourself - I know logically I shouldn't blame myself, I just know that I haven't been the most sensible at times and I've just found all of this incredibly hard to get my head around, especially when I was first given my HPV positive result because I was vaccinated against it! I then read somewhere that it's basically sexually transmitted and started berating myself for having sex and not being more careful and so on. 

At the end of the day - sex is a healthy, normal and happy thing - we're not going to stop doing it! For me, it took a few weeks to give myself a break about it and realise that what's done is done, there's no way of knowing exactly when and how this happened to me, and worrying about it isn't going to help me get better. I hope you're not being too hard on yourself about it! 

I really hope you have the same positive experience with your LLETZ as I did. It only lasts about 10 minutes from start to finish, and if you are finding it uncomfortable - just tell them, it's their job to make you comfortable where they can! 

Good luck & lots of love!

Thank you all so much for your responses. i had a bit of a break from it all for a while and I had my LLETZ this evening. 

Firstly i I was there early then secondly they were running late so in all I was waiting for an hour and 10 mins! I felt so sick and was shaking when I went in.

The numbing was ok but it didn't have proper effect so when she took the loop to my cervix I nearly hit the roof. However it just felt hot and was slightly painful but nothing I couldn't handle. I didn't want her going back in and faffing with more lignocane so I told her to carry on and just get it out but she had finished anyway.

its all over now. I stupidly assumed that the loop excision was the end of it but now I know I've got to wait for the results of it. i tried to be firm about wanting them to just take a massive amount so I didnt have to go back but I don't think she did. I just hope I don't spend the next few weeks worrying. 


Thanks again guys. Wishing you all the best of luck. I'm having a very lazy night and off to relax xx