Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)???

Just had a phone call phone one of the gynae-oncology nurse, saying that at my appointment with the oncologist on Friday she is going to discuss this treatment option instead of the usual radiotherapy. Has anyone else had this/been offered this?

I’m beyond grateful that such time and thought is being put into my treatment plan, but it seems like everytime I think I know what is happening it all changes. I just thought I had it all clear in my head that I’m going back to Southampton, getting back to studying and having my treatment there and now they are saying that if I have this treatment they can’t do it there I would have to have it in Norfolk (where I am now but have had no treatment so far as i wasinitially referred to a specialist in London where I went on to have my trachelectomy). I’m travelling back tomorrow with all my stuff and now I’m feeling a bit in limbo. I’m seeing the fertility doctor on Thursday too and I’m worrying all this is just holding up treatment starting, but as a 29 year old without children I feel like I might live to regret it if I don’t at least explore fertility options…Too many decisions!!!

HI rzy16

IMRT is what I've been offered too. We spoke to the radiooncologist last week.. Seems to be a form of radio that they can tailor intensity to shoot what they need and avoid other tissues as much as possible. We'll still get side effects, just hopefully less risk of long term damage. because they are most worried about central reoccurrence is why they're planning it for me I think. I'm also going through the egg collection process.. A very busy time!! Best of luck x

Sounds brilliant! I know that I have been extremely lucky having no real long term side effects to speak of but I know that not everyone is as lucky as I have been. Any advancement that reduces the risks has got to be a good thing.

Be lucky :-)


I had IRMT...I thought it was standard?! Also had to have 400 ml in my bladder every time I had radio to see if that would reduce symptoms...this isn't everywhere but a new thing they are trying!! I had damage to my bladder from my op but touch wood so far no side effects from treatment!! They said IRMT is very good with just targetting the area needed whereas other radio hits a bigger area and kills a lot of good cells too!! But I never knew it wasn't been done at other cancer centres too!! Good luck with treatment xx I still got tired and after week 3 my bowel was awful but within a week of stopping it was all back to normal!! xx take care