Intense back & body pain Post Cone Biopsy


I had my cone biopsy on Monday. My abdominal pain is still present (period type pain) however the pain in my lower back is absolutely horrendous. My entire body hurts from my neck to my toes, all my joints ache, but my low back is so painful. Not relieved with Ibuprofen or heat pack.

Im wondering if it's stress related or if anyone else has any similar symptoms after a cone biopsy?

I don't have any signs of infection ie UTI, fever, strange discharge.


Just wondering if you found out the cause? Currently had one done & having back pain

How long ago did you have your cone biopsy and when did your back pain start?

I had a cone biopsy just under 3 weeks ago and other than cramping and some discharge (still having the cramping which is now getting to me, but also due on anytime now so not sure if that’s why it’s feeling worse again) I was ok, only other side effect is tiredness which I know is probably more to do with the GA I had. (I previously had LLETZ in May and had the cramping and discharge with that so kinda knew what to expect in that respect- just fed up with it being cramping and discharge on and off since May and still going!)
Anyway last Saturday whilst going to the toilet I had something come out of me which turned out to be some sort of dissolvable gauze, but since this i have been having some lower back pain/discomfort and aches, it hasn’t been that bad and haven’t need to take pain killers but at times it is uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure if it was to do with all this or not, and finding that the cone biopsy isn’t that common procedure and there’s not much information on it or people to talk to that have had it done.

I never found out if the cone biopsy caused my back pain but it wouldn’t surprise me. I ended up with cervical stenosis & didn’t have a period for 7 months. I think that was because my bone was very extensive and it grew back closed.I had another small op which solved it and my back pain also improved 90% so it must have been related…

It can also be if you haven’t been as active as normal because of the recovery, can also cause back pain.

I hope your back pain resolves soon!

Thanks! Did anyone happen to expelled a chunk of stuff 4 days after there cone biopsy. Kind of jelly/sticky and pinkish

Yes if it was like a gauze type thing, I did, mine was 10 days after.
I have to say it scared me and because it happened on Saturday and couldn’t speak to consultant or there secretary I ended up at a and e to get checked and make sure there was no more and that I didn’t have an infection, as I thought they had left it in by accident, but turns out it is a dissolvable gel gauze.

It would have just been nice to have said and pre-warned that it could happen! I know this may sound stupid but at first I thought my insides was coming out.

Hope this helps. Any questions feel free to message me.