Integrative Treatment-Lifestyle changes??

Greetings! Diagnosed May 1st Stage 3C- Am at month 5 after rad/chemo/brachy. Just had PET scan and Doc says the lesions are significantly smaller and he was pleased with this.
Following receiving the diagnosis, I changed my entire diet.
Since then, I’m on a Vegan Keto, no sugar, no gluten lifestyle. I started using Tumeric, Turkey Tail mushrooms, and Astragulus in June.
My attitude has always been good and I haven’t been afraid. I refuse to give this disease any control.
I’d LOVE to hear from others who have incorporated natural healing into their lives and the outcomes.


What a great post - I love your positivity and outlook - and great news from the Doctor! I’ve just had LLETZ because of HPV and CIN 2 found after a colposcopy and I’m awaiting the results. I’ve done quite a lot of reading about the condition and I’m hacked off that my immune system doesn’t clear the HPV - I feel it’s let me down! I exercise 3 times a week, walk the dog every day, eat little meat (but when I do it’s organic), have way more than my 5 fruit and veg a day and this is what it rewards me with?!

I’ve started taking Vitamin B1 and B12 and have been looking into the whole mushroom thing … some of it is so expensive but obviously worth it if it works. I haven’t heard of Astragulus so I’ll take a look at that as well as AHCC. I feel that a good diet and the right supplements has to be the way forward.

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Hi Jo!
It sure sounds like you’re on the right track. It’s so great that you go for walks with your doggy- Our guy inspired me to get out of bed on some days when I was too pooped to pop!
I use this Turkey Tail mushroom~ searched high and low and ended up at Amazon for the best quality/price (link below) I am VERY happy with this and the price really isn’t so bad - I take 2 caps a day and believe that it has helped reduce tumor size significantly. (in addition to the Chemo/Rad/Brachy) The astragalus root tincture is a bonus as well for added energy in addition to it also shrinking tumors/lesions. So I think that these have been beneficial in curing/healing.

I haven’t taken any of the meds prescribed since day one. I strongly disagree with putting chemicals into my body. It was hard enough to have to get Chemo/Radiotherapy/Brachy AND PET scans. I don’t even take paracetamol. One great thing about the treatment was that I had no side effects other than extreme exhaustion and loss of appetite. No hair loss, vomiting, or any other things. I attribute this to not eating sugar, and no carbs. Cancer feeds on sugar.

Have you looked into L-lysine supplements for the HPV?? This may be great for you to look into as well! My Mom used it and had success.

I hope you get good results and please keep me posted! :heart:

That’s really helpful advice - thank you - I’ll certainly look at those supplements. The Astragulus looks interesting - I’d not heard of that one before. I know what you mean about paracetamol etc - I prefer to know what my body is feeling like rather than use painkillers but I don’t veto them absolutely.

You seem to me to have an extreme diet now - but I think I’d be the same if my diagnosis was like yours - it has to make sense - and it gives some control which must help psychologically - and it certainly seems to be working for you. You must be thrilled with the results and I’m sending you good vibes that your health continues on this upward spiral. I’ll let you know what happens when I get my results!

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Hi Greatfool,

Once I got my diagnosis (3C1) I started working with an acupuncturist specializing in Cancer treatments. She wrote up a plan for me, which included acupuncture, supplements and custom herbal tea. I started acupuncture treatments before I started my treatment, and went for acupuncture treatments during my chemorads almost weekly or every other week. I just got my first scans post treatment a fews weeks ago and all got NED. I would like to think acupuncture really helped me. I’m still going now but only once a month. I need to start working on my diet next, now that I’m in recovery.


Hey @ShareBear!
I really think that your healing has had a lot to do with the acupuncture treatments. At this point, we just have to live a clean lifestyle and stay positive :heart: Happy for you!