Insurance worry

I apoogise in advance if this offends anyone, and please do not feel obliged to answer if you do not wish to. But after an insurance company had no answers for me I thought this was the next best place to ask...

I am wondering if anyone has sucessfully got themselves covered for critical illness cover or something similar whilst in the process of waiting for results. I am panicking because I don't have life insurance, or ilness cover, and I am just trying to take precautions. I don't have a mortgage and life cover isn't something I ever thought about being in my 20's. If it is bad news, I am not in a position where I have savings or family who could support me financially and my partner would not be able to cover the house rent etc by themselves. I have read previous posts of people sucessfully being paid out for cc by their insurers but they all seem to have got the cover before they entered this awful process.


I understand I may be worrying for nothing, and I hope I have not offended anyone, but if I did need even 2 - 3 months off work I would be stuck.


So I am wondering if anyone can offer advice or if anyone has found someone who would insure them after a colposcopy and LLETZ but before diagnosis. I apologise again if anyone finds my post insensitive as that is not my intention.


Thank you.


Hi Hun, i work within the insurance company and you have to declare on application you are having tests. So at the moment the answer is no even when you get the all clear they will make you wait for maybe a year then apply again. I had a big pay out but had my cover before and now they won't touch me. 

Thank you for your reply. Do you mind me asking which insurance company you are with? It's something I obviously need to consider for the future when they eventually allow me to. So to clarify, even if all is clear this time, they will not likely insure me until X amount of time passes?


To be honest I didn't think I would find anyone to insure me at this point. It seems most people I know have cover when they took out with their mortgage, but as I don't have one it's just not something I have ever thought to do and money worry is the last thing I want to be worrying about at the moment.

Hi I was with friends provident now friends life and standard life. You may get insurance but they will load you( pay twice as much) or you just won't be able to claim on any kind of Cancer. if it was me I would put the money in ISA ( Sterling ISA) you can make monthly payments or lump sum. I put half my payout into that and bought a fast car with the remaining. Get advice from an independent financial advisor as they search the whole market and not tied to certain products. As you can tell me and my hubby are Independent financial advisors. 

Thanks Ali, the fast car sounds well deserved :)


I do have a financial advisor on the case as well as fortunately I have a family friend to hand, but he has struggled so far to find anyone. Like you say there are companies who will insure but he said the premium would be sky high or they would decline a payout if it came down to it because I'm already going through testing for cc. Fingers crossed I won't have to go down this road but I'm just so worried about it all and I thought it was worth trying to put something in place if I could. I appreciate all your help though. thank you


Ive just sent you a private message.

Hi Ali - are you still on here? I wanted to ask you something about Friends life :)