Insufficient Cervix ….smear tests


I’ve had 2 lots of Lletz treatment for CIN 2 & 3 back in 2009 & 2012. (I’m pre-vaccination age)

Since then I have had clear smears, however with my last pregnancy I had to have cervical stitches (cerclage) as my cervix is no longer visible/strong enough towards the back.

No one can give me an answer as to why this has happened ? (Had c sections since lletz)

My recent smear came back positive for HPV but insufficient cells collected.

My question is…if my cervix is not visible is there a chance that the smear cannot reach the whole area? And am I more at risk of CIN being undetectable because the smear cannot be carried out correctly…

Had a colposcopy and was told what she could see seemed fine but she couldn’t see the whole cervix. Semi reassuring but no one can seem to give me a clear answer :woman_facepalming:

Anyone who can advise me/or tell me about their experience would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance xxx

This is a difficult one, Soapbox, and there are some parallels with my case, although to reassure you I haven’t heard of anyone else in my actual situations of having three LLETZ/cone biopsy 20 years previously, all clear smears and then - only because of symptoms - finding I actually had stage 3 cancer. The gynaecologist at my local hospital surmised casually that the negative smears had ‘been wrong’ because of scar tissue. It was an eventual colposcopy that led to the cancer being discovered, and scans were needed to determine the size and spread.

So yes, it is possible to miss things, and I suspect that smears alone, if you’ve had more than one treatment that can produce scar tissue, may not be enough to monitor you everyone accurately. Having said that, it seems very few people have my experience, and hopefully all measures will be taken to check you properly and regularly, especially if HPV persists, as it must have done with me. X

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