Insufficiency Fractures and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I am eighteen months post treatment.  I had 4 chemo treatments (Cysplatin), 25 radiotherapy treatments and 3 brachytherapy.  I am in remission but had a lot of pain in my lower back about six months after treatment finished.  This lasted for four months and I was told that I had insufficiency fractures in my spine in the area where I had the radiotherapy.  GP asked for a DEXA scan and it came back that my hips were normal but spine was osteoporotic.  After the pain went last year, I was fine until a week ago and now I have the pain back in the same area.  I'm hoping it won't last four months this time.  I've been reading about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wondered if it would help me.  The GP prescribed biphosphonates (tablets for treating osteoporosis) but I am really not happy about taking them due to side effects.  Does anyone else have a similar experience, please, and if so, what did you do to try help your situation?  Thanks.

I had 21 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen treatment, but after had to cease as my fistula extended during treatment and it wasn't really helping me, but I met a lot of people who found it to be very effective. Most people don't feel any difference until 25-30sessions, and like radiotherapy, a lot of the effects happen after you finish. Try asking your radiation oncologist about it. It works by helping develop micro vascular supply to the irradiated area.


Best wishes.