Informal meet up - Cardiff/South Wales?

Hi all,

 i was was just wondering if anyone in the South Wales or surrounding area would be interested in meeting up - for coffee or a pub meal.


whatever stage of diagnosis, treatment, or living with or after cancer I'm sure others would appreciate your experiences.


Personally I'm going through chemo for a reoccurrence and I'd really like to talk to others who may have gone through similar treatments. Also happy to talk about my treatments of lymph node removal and trachelectomy and also embryo freezing experiences too.


Let me know if you are interested and I will organise something,





 Ps apologies for bad formatting - not displaying brilliantly on my phon


if this was in my area, I would love to! Is there anyone is the south lincolnshire area?

hope you find some local ladies xxx

Shame you are so far away, hopefully you will be able to find some ladies near you!