Informal Let's Meet

Hi All

One of the projects I will be looking into over the next 6 - 12 months is setting up some regional support groups to allow those affected by pre cancer and cervical cancer to meet and gain support from others who have gone through similar experiences.

In the meantime, we are keen to get some informal Let’s Meets going across the UK before Christmas.
For those of you who have not attended one previously, these are really just a relaxed get together usually in either a restaurant or pub with no specific agenda other than to have a good natter and to meet some of the members you have been chatting to on the board. They are a great way to meet new friends and be in the company of those that have an understanding of what you have been through.
These informal Let’s Meets will also give us an idea of where the initial support groups could be held, depending on interest.

Therefore, I would really appreciate it if I could call on some of you to take charge of organising these.
It usually means setting a date, co ordinating things through the forum and choosing/booking a venue. We will of course provide any advice you may feel you need.

If you would be interested in organising an informal Let’s Meet, please either PM me or email me at with your location.

Thank you in advance for your help

Kind regards

Hi honey

I’m thinking of holding one in Kingston next month, need to work out dates and where though>

Z x

Excellent! Thanks Zoe. Just let me know the dates. :smiley:

Kind regards


I do organise a Brighton meet once a year, but quite happy to maybe organise one before xmas in the West Kent area.

Mellissa x

Count me in Mel :smiley:

Lovely Dee xx