Inflammation causing unclear results.

Hi everyone,

So I had my first smear done which showed mild dyskariosis with high risk HPV, due to this I was sent for a colposcopy.

Whilst there the gynaecologist mentioned there was an area of red, raw looking skin on the wall of my vagina and asked if I had pain during sex or bleeding. I told her that vary rarely this was the case but occasionall, she told me she was going to take I biopsy of this area along with the areas that showed up with the dye.

I received my results and they are a bit confusing I don't know what to make of them. Her letter to me said that the biopsy showed a lot of inflamation and so a clear result could not be made. She continued to say there could be pre-cancerous cells there but due to inflamation this could not be ascertained and so I am required to go for a repeat colposcopy in 6 months. As you can imagine this seems like a awful long time to wait forcthe inflamation to go down wondering whether or not I have pre-cancerous cells. I'm also assuming that the inflamation wouldn't hide actual cancer cells? 

I just feel like I have an awful lot of unanswered questions with no one to speak to about this.


Thanks all!