inflamed cervix

I am hoping someone can give me some advice as I am worried sick.
I went to my GP on Wednesday as I have been suffering with a slight bloody discharge not a lot and not all the time. I had a clear smear in Jan 14 and was their again in April when the nurse said my cervix was healthy but I had a large ectropian. He examined me on Wednesday took loads of swabs and another smear test and told cervix was inflamed and had refereed me for a coloscopy on Monday. I am worried sick as he said he really hopes it’s nothing but it just didn’t look right and inflamed. I have convinced myself I now have cervical cancer does anyone else have experience if similar symptoms? Please reply am so worried

Hiya I'm new on here so don't know a lot of information.  I had smear test done a few weeks ago and it came back as inflammation.  My letter said high grade disk so sent for Colposopy.  Went there 2 weeks ago and the doctor said I had got an inflamed cervix but not to worry.  It could be a number of things including a viral infection.  She put the lotion on to detect abnormal cells but said it doesn't give a true reading because of cervix being inflamed.  She took 3 punch biopsies and now waiting for results.  I have not slept or eaten properly since but until the results are in I just don't know. The only symptom I have had is a lower back pain.  Hopefully somebody else on here can help. Fingers crossed for both of us x 

DidYou guys get any more information about your experience