Inflamed Cervix normal smears


Apologies if I am completely jumping the gun here but just looking for anyone else’s input if you don’t mind.

I’m mid 30s, mother to two.
My last smear was 3 years ago, I should be due one this summer. My last smear was fine (all my smears have been fine!)
I attended my GP last year with concerns for pain during sex and bleeding after sex and spotting after ovulation. GP reviewed me internal exam thought all was fine but sent me for an ultrasound, again all fine on ovaries. She also referred me to gynae non-urgent and so today I was seen.

Gynaecologist was LOVELY but raised concerns over the appearance of my cervix citing it as ‘angry and very inflamed’. She’s referred me for an urgent 2 week colposcopy. Obviously I googled everything on leaving lol and an angry cervix flags as either an STI causing infection or cervical cancer. I hope and trust that my husband of 15 years hasn’t cheated so I’m going to rule an STI out.

Has anyone been in a similar situation as me with lifetime normal smears but something up with the cervix ?? Any info advice or discussion welcomed x

Just left my gyno yesterday with a sigh of relief. I went for a pap in August of last year and was told the same thing. She told me to expect my pap results to be abnormal. Well, they were normal so I was told to repeat in a year. I started having heavy bleeding during and after intercourse. I went back to my family doctor and she said wow it’s gotten worse, please go to a gyno and have them check this out. My gyno looked for maybe a minute or so and said yep that’s cervical ectropion it’s normal and harmless. He offered treatment which I will be inquiring about soon. I walked in there so sure he was going to say it looked like cancer that I had to ask him twice are you sure it doesn’t look cancerous? He assured me he’d be a gyno for 40+ years he knows just by looking. Your symptoms sound similar to mine, try to relax and not worry too and give yourself some peace that you’re getting it taken care of promptly!