Inflamed Cervix found on Cervical Screening

Hi all

1st screen (25yo) - tilted cervix found, relatively difficult to get the sample, ended up in all sorts of positions but she did and all came back normal

2nd screen (28yo) - told the nurse it was difficult the first time round, she found it so easy and it was over and done with before I knew it - all normal.

I went for my third screen last week (31yo) - again, told the nurse I had had issues in the past re tilted cervix. It was totally traumatic, she was prodding and poking in there for around 20 minutes, eventually said ‘I think I’ve got a sample but you may need to come back if I haven’t got enough’. I bled afterwards and haven’t done previously.

Half an hour later I received a call from this nurse telling me that on reflection of my appointment that I had an ‘inflamed cervix’ and had made me an appointment to see a GP the morning after - que the health anxiety. She also told me she had only recently been signed off on carrying out Cervical Screening and therefor may not have seen everything there is to see etc etc.

Went to see the GP the day after who seemed to find my cervix much easier than the previous day but was struggling to see it properly due to the discharge from the previous days trauma but did agree it was inflamed.

I have now been put on a 2 week pathway to Gynae - the GP said it was 50/50 as to whether this is something serious or not.

I’m losing my mind worrying about this appointment - I have not had any symptoms what so ever - no irregular/abnormal bleeding, bloating, back pain etc. Both my screens have previously come back normal. I am in a relationship with a woman and haven’t had sex with a man for over 10 years.

Has anyone else had an ‘inflamed cervix’ and gone through this pathway?

Thank you!!

Hi not much advice I can give you sorry as a very similar thing happened at my smear last week. Nurse couldn’t take a sample and could see an ectropian n bleeding . I’ve previously had treatment for pre cancerous cin 3 cells 17 years ago but clear smears since and hpv neg at last smear in 2020 .It was a new nurse who went out to ask advice from the nurse so usually see. I wish aid asked if my usual nurse could just come in and look and give her opinion! please try not to worry and certainly don’t google like I’ve been doing because I’ve got myself so worried now but just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you . Let me know when you get your appointment Ive heard nothing at all yet .

It’s nice to know i’m not alone - though totally sucks we are both in this situation.

I should be grateful they are looking into this more but today I received a letter from the GP confirming I had been put on a 2 week suspected cancer pathway with a booklet for ‘cancer services’ also included inside - :confused:

The nurse I had openly admitted she was very new to doing the screening tests so I was hoping the GP would say it’s normal when she had a look - but she didn’t. I’m hoping now that they are being over cautious.

I can’t find much info about inflamed cervix’s but what I have found points towards Cervicitis or Cervical Ectropian - i’m praying it’s nothing but my anxiety is through the roof worrying about it all :cry:

@Lauren2 what a worry for you but hopefully it means you’ll get some answers quickly & they’re just being over cautious. x

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Thank you :smiling_face:

My appointment is next Tuesday afternoon so hopefully i’ll get some answers & some good news :pray:

Hi all

Just an updated…
I went for my colposcopy appointment today - luckily nothing to worry about, I have cervical ectropian! I also got my results from the cervical screen - all normal.

A massive weight has been lifted.

That’s great news I bet you’re so relieved . I’m still waiting for an appointment it’s two weeks since my smear I rang the hospital they said they would triage me b ring if I needed to be seen within two weeks so I’m hoping no news is good news but just want to get it sorted.

@Lauren2 that is good news, you can stop worrying now. x