Inflamed cervix and abnormal bleeding

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any advice or reassurance as feeling extremely anxious right now. Back in 2013 I had an abnormal smear (HPV positive and borderline changes) The colposcopy nurse said that the cells were fine but she could see a blood blister on my cervix but didn't seem worried and I was discharged. I asked the following year if I was due afollow up smeat but was told no so not been checked since. This week I've started bleeding after sex. Was light and pinkish art first but last night it was bright red and quite heavy. Managed to see a dr today who said that my cervix looked red and inflamed and that she could also see the blood blister. She referred me for another colposcopy so got to wait for that. i asked her if it was anything to worry about and she said "she didn't think so" :-/ Needless to say, I wasn't reassured and am convinced that this has been going on for the past 2 1/2 years and that it's developed into cancer :( Has anyone had a similar experience with a positive outcome? Worried sick :( Thank you xx

Sorry your having a hard time.  

In 2011 I had a pap smear done and the dr seen a red raw inflamed area so I was sentfor a colposcopy which the dr there said I had an erosion and abnormal blood vessel,  he took a biopsy and it came back as inflammation.  The erosion was causing bleeding for me but it was random and was already almost healed by the time I got my colposcopy.

I'm sorry I've never heard of a blood blister on the cervix.  I hope you get answers soon. 

Thanks so much for replying Chloe. Glad you we're ok. I'm hoping and praying that's all that is wrong with me... Trying to think positive but I would find it much easier if I hadn't had the abnormal smear over 2 years ago.. :-(

I read that sometimes they can bleed and look like a blood blister.

Did they do a biopsy at your first colposcopy? 

Hi chloeeasperjacob, sorry I missed your reply. No they didn't take a biopsy at the last colposcopy. I rang the gynae clinic this morning (couldn't wait for the letter!) and I have an appointment for next Thursday afternoon. Hope it's good news!

Thanks again x

Sorry I didn't reply. I'm sure you would have your diagnosis by now . Hoping it was good news for you