I had a Colopscopy  on 20th of Feb and had lletz treatment and biopsys taken yesterday ended up in hospital with a infection and now on antibiotics had to have swobs taken which was horrendously painful has anyone had infection from this and how long till it cleared up and how long till u felt better? I'm so ill and fed up like a never ending nightmare xx

Hiya, I feel for you I had a punch biopsy done without any treatment as the consultant couldn't do any treatment I'm now three days in and was at the doctors yesterday with an infection

luckily my doctor is pretty good and although she wanted to take swabs I refused point blank after the experience of Monday! 


I started ted antibiotics yesterday and I'm feeling slightly better in myself 


hope you feel better soon xx

I felt so ill I asked em not to do one as I still felt violated frm last week but she said she had to then the nurse took ages getting swobs out while I had tht thing in tht opens u up it was so painful and took ages I was in tears begging them to hurry up its just a huge nightmare can't sleep waiting for results its torture I'm coming back as a man in my next life lol x