I had a LLETZ 2nd March and was seen by the dr 2 days later and given antibiotics due to gushing blood and cramping. After 24 hours everything calmed down. I finished my course and then on the 11th had my wisdom tooth removed under GA.

On the 12th the cramping began again and I started bleeding although not heavily. The following day I gradually felt more and more unwell as the day went on and saw a GP in the evening who prescribed more antibiotics which almost immediately made me feel physically sick.

I went back to the GP yesterday as I felt really sick and light headed, the gp changed my antibiotics, anti sickness meds and naproxen but I am still cramping and feeling physically sick and no better at all.

Is it normal to take so long to pick up? I’m exhausted now

Hi, ive had a similar time to you, had 2 infections and still feeling prettty rough but getting better. I think its just different for everyone. Hope you feel better soon x