infection! what are the signs?

Hi, could anybody advise me on the signs of infection please. I'm worried I have one and can't get to the gp until Wednesday. Thanks xx



Do you mean after biopsies or treatment??

Iv not had it myself but have seen others on here describe heavier bleeding, smell, increased discharge. Pretty much everything you'd expect!

Maybe see if your doctor can do a phone consultation & prescribe antibiotics.

Hope this helps.



I had an infection after my Lletz, only sympton was very heavy bleeding, gushing and bright red ( sorry if tmi!). I ended up in a&e a few days before Xmas but was fine after a couple of days of antibiotics.


Day after I had LLETZ, I noticed a slight "wrong" kind of smell... Was bleeding quite a lot but was told to expect this, it also had brown bits in it. After 6 days, I gave in and realised it wasn't gonna fix itself so went to drs. I thought he would want a lol (lol) but he just said oh dear, it happens, and asked me to describe the smell!! He then gave me antibiotics and within a couple of days, smell had gone and bleeding almost stopped. Had bit of thick discharge for a while longer though but not smelly, just needed a panty liner. Hope that helps

Don x

Thank you! After lletz treatment. IM not bleeding, just have a watery discharge with black bits in. Gosh so many people have so many different experiences. Hope your all ok and thank you for the information. Wasn't told much at the lletz treatment but this site has been fab. Xx

Hi Ann Marie,

I was told to expect black bits as that's partly the stuff they put on the cervix to highlight the cells and also partly from when they use the heat to seal the wound.

If you're worried definitely call your GP but it sounds normal from my experience. I also came on my period early so watch out for that little treat!


Totally normal from my experience - I had both of those things after my LLETZ and the watery discharge again after my cone. The doctor told me that the watery discharge is the wound 'weeping' (how unpleasant!) like a burn would while it heels  and the black bits are from what they seal the edges with. I hope you start to feel more like yourself soon xxx