infection post lletz

Firstly I would liketo thank this site, as last night I was getting worried about my symptoms post my lletz on Monday . Thanks to this site I realised that my symptoms were definitely regaerded by most as signs of infection, basedon a few threads I read. So I visited the out of hrs doctors and iy was confirmed so I have now been issued antibiotics.

 Truth be told I don't cope very well with any medical attention near my foofoo. But to be honest I was made to feel like a complete fusspot when I asked just a cpl of questions the consultant clearly wasn't keen or able to answer.

My lletz was unfortunately quite unpleasant (I was nervous anyway) but they set me up with local anaesthetic and what not. Then as she went in with the 'pencil' the machine didn't work :( after they farted about for a bit they said that they will need me to rebook. The problem we had was that my mil had come up from Cornwall to look after my 2yr old for the day and my husband had taken two days holiday (his last two for the yr) so bless him,  he did step up and ask them to try and fix it.  Luckily 30 minutes later they managed to sort it.  

PProblem was, mid procedure the anaesthetic wore off! So not the best experience.

Anyway I drew a line under it, and found strength in the fact it was for the greater good. 

Days past, as much as I tried to 'take it easy' I had no family/ friends to help so with a two year old to look after it wasn't easy to do. I was in constant pain, but lined up against my previous  cesarean experience I judged it as minimal. But it felt like a mix between period pain, really bad thrush and open wound. The pain isn't where I would expect the cervix to be. Its on the left side of my groin and is mirrored in lower back pain. I felt really achy dizzyand sore. not to mention the dodgy discharge. I put  it down to being normal and in my head a bit. 

Thanks to pain relief and two sets of antibiotics, I should get over it in a couple of days. My biggest concern is my fertility (apart from the obvious) I was worried enough about the lletz procedure but now with the infection.  

My question is have any of u lovely ladies had similar experience but gone on to have lots of babies?  And is it odd that my pain is all on one side? 


Thank you to anyone who can help xx

Heya lovely,  how awful for you! I had biopsies taken last week and was annoyed at the prospect of having to go through the whole thing again for treatment.  I was told there was an option to see and treat but that just happened to not be available on my appointment grrrrr.  I went straight back to work,  which is very active,  which looking back was silly because I was never going to be able to take it easy.  I thought it was strange having pain on my left groin so glad I'm not the only one!  I also had back pain.  I'm 5 days post biopsies and just about stopped with the bleeding and lovely discharge so think might attempt the gym today. Bloody paranoid about causing upset to that area :( not looking forward to the lletz xx

Hi nia42, 

I am sure that my lletz experience was definitely an isolated incident. have u been told u have to go back in for the lletz? Its definitely the not knowing and waiting for results that gets to u isn't it?  I have to say my firstbbiopsy didn't seem to hurt so much last yr but this yr it was a lot more painful so I think it depends on how many they take. I hope u receive good news, I do wonder why our pain is on one side tho?? Thank you so much for replying to me. Sometimes it is nice to know that ur not on ur own ;) xx

I got told at colpscopy I would need treatment so my question was 'well, if you're saying I'm gonna need it,  why don't we just go straight for it instead of messing around with biopsies'. In fairness my colposcopist had the personality of a moth so was grateful for the lovely nurses and husband.  The actual taking of the biopsies didn't hurt at all,  the aching afterwards was a nuisance. I thought I was fine and then went for a run and got pain in my left groin and that's where the ache stayed.  The joys of being a woman!  This site is a god send tho. Really makes you realise you are not alone :) xxx

Oh and I get the worrying about baby thing,  my husband and I were thinking of trying this year and now that has all gone on hold :( statistics are on our side though sweetie :) xxx

Oh hun, thats so odd. U would have thought that they would want to get it all done at once? Tbh I don't think there is much between the biopsies and the lletz (feeling wise during the procedure) unfortunately I have issues with any activity down there but it's more sycological than anything else. I genuinely think I was just unfortunate lol. I would say if u can tho do take a cpl of days off or maybe book it for the end of the week. Good luck huni I am sure u will be perfectly fine :)  X

Just a little update,  I have been going through hell with these antibiotics (very odd side effects) ended up back in with the gp who has informed my that my sorce of pain on my left side is actually 'swollen lymph nodes' just thought I would add this to this thread. Aparently its where ur white blood cells attempt to fight the infection? Xx